Heel Pain?? Plantar Fasciitis…Maybe?

As a massage therapist, an instructor, and a runner I speak to many people during the course of my day. Maybe because it is summer and people are more active or because I am involved in the running community, plantar fasciitis seems to be a buzz word lately.

What is plantar fasciitis you ask?

Simply stated, it is a condition caused by repeated microscopic tears to the fascia at the bottom of the foot.

Some possible cases of plantar fasciitis are distance running, tight Achilles tendon, arch issues and shoes with poor support.  experiencing pain and stiffness, aching or burning at the bottom of the feet, pain in the morning from stepping out of bed, standing or sitting for a period of time, climbing stairs or after intense activities may be some of the signs and symptoms.

To keep plantar fasciitis from happening to you, try keeping your muscles fo the calf and Achilles tendon flexible. Checking in with a personal trainer for specific stretches for the  gastrocnemius and the soleus would be beneficial. Having the correct shoes and support for intense activities will help.  There are stores who can do an analysis of your foot and recommend shoes good for you. Massage may also help muscles to stay loose and more flexible.

If you are already suffering from plantar fasciitis, massage may help with organization of the collagen fibers in the connective tissue. Bodywork specifically to the calf muscles and to the Achilles tendon may help too. If you decide a massage therapist is right for you, make sure you ask for the specific work to the calf muscles, Achilles tendon and the fascia of the foot.  Find a massage therapist who is licensed and has knowledge of specific muscles.

At home and need a little self-care after a long day on your feet or after intense activity?

  • A water bottle frozen is great to roll under your foot for a few minutes.
  • Rest and hydrate
  • Keep your legs loose and flexible to help prevent this pain from coming to your foot.

Peace, Happiness and Harmony!