Ironman Finishers receive Post-event Massages from Globe University massage students

On the evening of September 9 Globe University Madison East and West Massage students, alumni, and program chairs, Jessica Boggs and Robin Rinehart, united at the Monona Terrace to take on the task of giving post-event sports massage to the finishers of the 2012 Ironman WI triathalon.  This is the third year Globe University Madison East and West have volunteered. The group takes the late shift, giving up their Sunday night from 8:00 pm- 12:00 am to help the Ironman finishers begin the road to recovery.

The Ironman finishers enter the massage room after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and rounding out the day running 26.2 miles, totally 140.6 miles in one day.  The Ironman finishers complete this feat in an average of 12 hours. Many have spent the last year training regularly. It becomes another full time job. They travel from all over the world to compete and finally end up on the massage table. Their bodies are definitely in need of a post-event sports massage.

As the finishers began to climb on to the massage tables,  the students nerves were high. The nervousness quickly disappaited into smiles and excitement with the first few compressions on the athletes body. The sound of the deep breath in to finally allow their bodies to relax and the many thanks they began receiving created confidence in their techniques. Lynn Filenius, massage student, stated “The Ironman was a great time. It was my first “real” post- event sports massage. The event created energy for completeiong school and beginning an amazing new career.”

Post-event sports massage consists of combining many of the massage tools the students have learned in school. They use techniques from Swedish massage like petrissage and efflueruage, add some compressions, jostling, range of motion, gentle stretching and a dash of Thai to help the Ironman Finishers to begin the process of recovering. In total Globe University helped to begin the recovery of 70 finishers .

The massage captains from the Ironman Triatholon were thankful and impressed at how hard and dedicated the Globe University massage students were as volunteers. They were already recruiting us for next year.  I told them,”It is in my calendar and hopefully we will be able to bring even more students and alumni.”

Peace and happiness!