Look at Us Now: 40 Globe University-Madison Students Celebrate Graduation

Globe University-Madison East and Madison West are proud to announce their Winter 2013 graduating class. Both campuses will graduate 40 students on Thursday, March 28, at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis.

This will be the two Globe University campuses’ ninth joint graduation and 15th graduation overall since opening their campuses in January 2010 (Madison East) and July 2009 (Madison West).

Globe University Graduation

Globe University-Madison is proud to announce their Winter 2013 graduating class

This year Globe University-Madison welcomes Lyn Pilch as the keynote speaker. Lyn is one of the principal owners of Pilch & Barnet, full-service marketing and public relations firm based in Madison, Wis. Lyn is also the owner of Dance Fabulous, a drop-in dance studio in downtown Madison.

Serving as graduate speakers are Joy Henson Walton from Globe-Madison East, who is graduating with her medical assistant associate degree, and Wendelin Darden from Globe-Madison West, who is graduating with her diploma in massage therapy.

Graduates reflected on their experience at Globe University.

“If I can encourage one person to seek out their dream of going back to school, no matter what their age or circumstances are, I say just do it!” urged Tracy Brough, Madison East graduate in the medical assistant program. “You won’t regret it–just look at me now.”

Globe University graduation

Stevie Vordermann, criminal justice graduate

“According to statistics, only 40% of teen moms will graduate high school and of that only 2% will graduate from college before the age of 30,” said Stevie Vordermann, Madison West graduate in the criminal justice program. ”Well here I am, a proud, single teen mom defying the odds! I am excited to be a part of the 2% and excited to be a part of the Globe University-Madison West 2013 graduating class.”

Debra Griffin, Madison West graduate in the criminal justice program, said, “This means a lot to me. It’s a big deal because I never thought I would be at this point. When I first started, my intentions were to go for a quarter or two to get some praises, but then as I got to meet the students and the faculty, I decided to stay. I always loved helping people in the community and that motivated me too.  I never thought I would make it this far.”

Congratulations to all of our Winter 2013 graduates:

  • Janel Adler*, Diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Jessica Baumgartner**, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Sada Bischoff, Associates in Business Administration
  • Alicia Bloczynski*, Bachelors in Health Care Management
  • Tracy Brough, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Shelly Carpenter*, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Lisa Christianson, Diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Wendelin Darden, Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Angela Davis*, Associates in Information Technology
  • Lauren DiCarlo, Associates in Health Fitness Specialist
  • Mark Diebel, Associates in Management Accounting
  • Tracey Ehrenberger, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Connie Fleming, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Daniel Fox, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Debra Griffin, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Kaylee Hansen*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Lori Hartung**, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Erica Healey**, Associates in Management Accounting
  • Deborah Hedrich, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Joy Henson Walton*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Alese Kaul, Associates in Music Business
  • Andrea Kisting, Associates in  Information Technology
  • Angela Kreklow, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Christopher Lanners, Associates in Music Business
  • Debbie Lee, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Diane Leffler, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Kimberly McLoud, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Sunshine L McGranahan*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Laci Pustina, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Tenesha Spinks, Bachelors in Criminal Justice
  • Shane Spoerle, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Stevie Vordermann*, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Cassandra Wedding*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Lynn Weitzer, Associates in Interactive Media & Graphic Design
  • Tracy Wentz*, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Kyra Werk Pribbenow**, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Donald Wilken*, Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Breanna Zabel, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Kevin Ziegler*, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Tammy Zoll*, Bachelors in Criminal Justice*indicates honors, **indicates high honors