Madison East Research Award Winner

I am proud to announce that Carly Henry is the winner of the inaugural Research Award at Globe University Madison East. Carly is in the Paralegal program after enjoying a first career as a seamstress. In addition to being a dedicated student, Carly is also a single mother to two teenage girls. She successfully juggles school and playing an active role in her daughters’ lives, all while turning out exceptional research.

As part of a campus-wide initiative to emphasize writing, Globe University – Madison East announced its first Research Award contest this quarter. The Research Award seeks to recognize superior achievement in student information gathering, synthesizing, and writing skills. Out of an astounding ten entries, one paper stood out – Carly’s “Appellee’s Brief.”

Carly poses with Erin Everett, the instructor of the class for which Carly wrote her winning paper

Carly’s brief, written for Legal Research, was a very different type of writing than the judges encountered with most other entries, but it was evident that this paper was professional quality. Her work examined the legality of evidence obtained without a search warrant. Carly enjoys writing papers and draws an analogy to solving a puzzle, “Just as you have to compare a puzzle piece with the rest of the puzzle, you have to compare the case you’re working on with previous cases. The creative part of  brain gets working and figures out how to do this.”

The paper was immaculately written and demonstrated very high level research and analytical skills. Carly received a $100 gift card, a fancy schmancy certificate of achievement, and campus-wide fame. Take a look at her paper here.

Congrats, Carly!

Librarian, Cynthia Bachhuber, congratulates Carly on her win