Madison East Tort Students Advocate Against Pollution

Students at WORT Radio

Students Debbie Koepp and Stephanie Schanke at the WORT Radio Station with their instructor Erin Everett.

The Tort class at Madison East took on a special advocacy project after learning about a local problem in the city of Madison.  The student investigated the allegations of noise, air, soil, and groundwater pollution caused by the Madison-Kipp Corporation plants on Atwood Avenue and Waubesa Street in Madison.

Contaminated soil vapors, caused by the spilling of PCE on the Madison- Kipp property in the past, were found under homes located near the plant.  These vapors do not disappear and raise many health concerns for families living near the plant and employees of the plant.  Torts students wanted to raise awareness of this pollution and dangers posed.  They split into teams, canvassed the neighborhood, and spoke to residents and local business owners about the issue.  While canvassing, they handed out informational flyers encouraging others to attend a town hall meeting regarding the Madison-Kipp contamination. 

After attending the town hall meeting the students were even more concerned with what little effort has been made by the DNR to control the situation and prevent further damage to the neighborhood.  Therefore, the students posted a petition on to further alert people of this important issue.  This petition was also sent in letter format to the governor, the mayor of Madison, and the alderperson for the district being affected by the pollution. Click here to view and sign the petition.

“Our involvement helped raise awareness and helped facilitate action to change the situation,” said student Debbie Koepp about the advocacy project.  Stephanie Schanke said the project inspired her to be more vocal for others in matters that affect the community.

Two of the students, Debbie Koepp and Stephanie Schanke, and their instructor Erin Everett were invited to WORT Radio 98.9 FM in Madison on July 12th to share information on their class project and bring awareness to the community about the Madison Kipp Pollution issue.  To listen to the WORT Radio interview click here.