Madison East Vet Tech Students Learn Avian Care

Dawn Protz clips Daisy Mae's nails as Kimberly McLoud holds her.

Vet tech students in the VT 222: Lab Animals, Exotics, and Pocket Pets class recently visited with Lori Drew and three birds from the Center for Avian Rehabilitation and Education.  The center is a nonprofit animal welfare organization whose mission is to provide for, through advocacy and activism, the needs of all exotic birds.

Lori brought Joey, a 26-year-old cockatoo, Roxy, a 9-month-old parakeet, and Daisy Mae, a 20-year-old macaw to class for the students to experience some hands-on learning. She demonstrated various bird handeling techniques, how to trim bird nails, and how to perform x-rays with birds. Each student was then able to complete each of these skills.

“Our relationship with the Center for Avian Rehab has allowed students to gain valuable hands-on experience with difference types of birds they may see in practice,” said Vet Tech Program Chair Heather Wipijewski.  “This gives them the opportunity to learn important hands-on skills expected of a veterinary technician.”