Sarah Oliver Competes in DECA Business Competition

Sarah Oliver with her 3rd Place DECA certificate in Marketing Management.

On Friday, November 11, Madison East second quarter business student, Sarah Oliver, competed in her first DECA Business Competition hosted by the Elk River, MN campus.  Sarah competed in:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Retail Management

Students were evaluated on their: professionalism, complete coverage of the topics, communication skills, application of business concepts, and ability to support ideas.  Creativity is encouraged at these events but the student’s knowledge and preparedness are more important.

Madison East Business Program Chair and DECA advisor Jason Mayr said, “Sarah was excited and nervous to compete for the first time.  She wanted to do as many events as possible.  Her attitude was optimistic, her attention to detail was honed and she focused on learning as much as possible throughout the event.  I expect she even developed a couple of friendships that will last longer than the Leadership Conference.”

In the end the Leadership Conference was a huge success.  Sarah learned many valuable lessons that she can take forward into her career.  She felt confident that she did the best she could in two of her three events.  Ultimately, she came home a winner.  Sarah won 5th place in Retail Management and 3rd place in Marketing Management. 

Sarah Oliver said, “Joining DECA has to be one of the best things I have done while at Globe University.  DECA has given me the opportunity to show off my business skills and inspire other students to take their schooling and career choice more seriously.  Globe University has provided me all the tools I need to be successful in my coursework and DECA is giving me the chance to apply what I learn in class to real work scenarios.  Never in my life have I had the support to do well in all my endeavors as I have from the staff and students here at Globe University – Madison East!”

If you see Sarah around campus, please congratulate her on doing an awesome job at her first DECA Business Competition. If you are interested in learning more about DECA contact Jason Mayr at 608-216-9424 or email him at