Globe University Student Ambassadors Visit Legislators

“The world is run by those who show up.” ~ Ron Nehring

This statement rings true in the world of politics and is the reason all of the Globe University Wisconsin campuses participates in the Wisconsin Council of Independent Education (WCIE) Hill Day each year.

The WCIE Hill Day gives our school a chance to share our students’ stories with our state’s decision makers and help them understand what Globe University offers to not only our students, but to our communities.

Student Ambassador Ashley VanSchyndel, Regional Director Rocky Klitzke, and Student Ambassador Calvin Wynn at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Student Ambassador Ashley VanSchyndel, Regional Director Rocky Klitzke and Student Ambassador Calvin Wynn at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Joining Globe University-Madison East Regional Director Rocky Klitzke and Community Manager Julie Christensen this year were student ambassadors, Calvin Wynn and Ashley VanSchyndel.

The group visited the offices of State Representative Melissa Sargent, State Representative Sondy Pope, Senator Mark Miller and Senator Stephen Nass.

Ashley and Calvin shared their personal stories about why they chose Globe University to pursue their degrees, what they have enjoyed most about their experience at Globe, and what they look forward to doing after they graduate.

“I learned that policies can have a great impact on our education and that it is important to pay attention to them and understand them,” business administration student Calvin Wynn said. “The meetings we had helped give me perspective on how important, how little time (the legislators) have, and how difficult it is to do their job.”

“It was really nice to meet the senators and legislators that help with education, knowing that they really do care about education and what happens at the schools in Madison,” said veterinary technology student Ashley VanSchyndel.

The Hill Day visits are great for sharing information, but it’s best when we can show our legislators what we do and have them meet students in the classroom. Last spring, Representative Sargent visited campus and veterinary technology students showed her the ropes of gowning up for surgery. Senator Nass also visited campus last year during our annual open house, Globe Zooniversity.

Do you want to get more involved?

We encourage all students to share their own story with their state representative or senator. To find out who your legislators are, click here.