Student of the Month: DAnn Koebke

There are very few people as committed to their future and family as DAnn Koebke.  DAnn is a full time Medical Assistant student at Globe University who works both a full time job and a part time job to help support her family.

DAnn understands that to get what you want in life you need to set priorities.  She says “Put your priorities in place and work toward that end goal.” That’s exactly what DAnn is doing at Globe University and what she is teaching her five kids to do in their own lives.  DAnn started at Globe in April 2011 and will graduate in June 2012 with her associates degree in Medical Assisting.

Librarian Cynthia Bachhuber nominated DAnn and explains, “I know DAnn has a more hectic home life than most staff and students at Globe. She loves her family and is clearly committed to them.  Somehow she manages to maintain a relationship, take care of five children, work an incredible amount of hours, and still make school a priority.  On top of that, she always has a smile and a positive comment for everyone. ”

Medical Assistant Program Chair Elisha Terre says, “DAnn is an inspiration to others and sets a strong example for what can be done.” Globe University – Madison East staff and faculty are proud to recognize DAnn Koebke as this month’s Student of the Month.  As Student of the Month DAnn received a certificate, special parking spot for February, and $15 gift certificate to the school store.