3 Library Resources Essential for Student Success

Library resources

Librarian Amy O’Shea started at Globe in July 2011. Previously, she worked at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison managing their library collection.

For some students, the first month starting college may bring some anxiety. Diving right into the academic world collecting research, writing and citing papers can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Globe University-Madison West has one solid resource, our campus librarian, Amy O’Shea.

Amy’s goal is to always make students feel welcome in the library and to help them utilize the resources the library has to offer, and students are singing her praises:

“Our librarian is very helpful! She is always willing to help you figure it out and learn so you can do it by yourself next time. She has a lot of knowledge and is willing to share.”

 “Amy O’ Shea is awesome. She knows what I need before even I do. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help.”

 “Love AMY!!! So helpful, so knowledgeable, great at helping with resources! Amy is the best resource in the library.”

Dean of Faculty, Kim Sprecker, added her admiration. “Amy has created the warm, welcoming environment we have in our campus library.  She is a resource for students from every program and at all levels of degree completion, whether it’s help with checking email, making copies, classroom library training, searching for sources, APA style, or ordering faculty textbooks.  Amy and her library assistants Cristina and Kayla make a great team.  Our library scored the highest of any department on our 2012 student survey.”

 We asked Amy to share her top three favorite resources available to students.  This is what she shared:

  1. Books: We have an amazing collection of nonfiction, fiction and reference materials here on campus. All titles are chosen to support the various programs offered and often relate to more than one specific area of study. I have a really long list of books to read that I am slowly chipping away at.  If I can’t find the book I want on campus, or at another Globe University library, then I use inter-library loan to obtain it. The Madison West library is part of the largest library system in the world, which means that the campus library might be small, but the resources we have access to are limitless!
  2. LibGuides: The LibGuides are found under the “research by topic” tab on the library website. These guides are compiled by Globe University network librarians to provide research assistance for all programs, and there are more specific subject guides for some of the different classes offered. This is a resource that I return to again and again. Students probably think I sound like a broken record, but the LibGuide for any specific program is a great place to start any research project. The other helpful part about program specific LibGuides is that they all link directly to the APA guide. The APA guide is a very useful resource that should be accessed by every student who has a research paper to write!
  3. Chat with a Librarian: My third favorite library resource is the “chat with a librarian” feature of the library website. The library chat service is staffed throughout the day and five evenings a week. Chat is a great resource if you are at home, or on campus, and feeling stuck. Just pop into the chat box and ask a librarian to assist you with your problem, project, research, etc. I have had some very lively chat discussions with students throughout the Globe University network.  The option to chat can also be found in all of the LibGuides.

Thanks to Amy for sharing! You make it possible for all students to be successful in all their classes.