4 Massage Therapists Share Why They LOVE Their Job

Ahh yes, Valentine’s Day. A day to reflect fondly and appreciate the ones you love–your husband/wife, partner, significant other, family and friends–but what about your job?

Recently, I came across an article on the five reasons we love or hate our jobs. Just as love takes time to grow with people,our relationships with our jobs take time to grow as well. Having a constant challenge, great boss, and fantastic coworkers are just a few reasons why people love their job. These very reasons I think many of us can relate to.

Jessica Boggs, program chair for the massage therapy program at Globe University-Madison West, commented on how she is always hearing from her former students (now graduates) on how much they love working in the massage therapy field.

So I asked them, “Why do you love your massage therapy job?”  Here is what they had to say.

Massage Therapy program

One of Theresa’s massage therapy career highlights was giving a massage to Billy Blanks.

Theresa Martin: December 2011 Alumni and Massage Therapist at Beaver Dam Community Hospital

“I just love my job because I get to help people every day. I have access to all the physical and occupational therapists on staff, so if I have any questions of advanced kinesiology, I can go to them. They’ve been a great resource for me with connecting with additional clients. We all help each other. We collaborate and bounce ideas off each other to help our clients to return to normal activities.  Some patients need additional help where I can step in when their therapist’s care ends. It’s been a very good experience where we all give and take for the benefit of our clients. We work well as a team.”



Massage Therapy

Dyshaun McDaniel provides a hand massage to a client during his service and applied learning project.

Dyshaun McDaniel: October 2012 Alumni and Licensed Massage Therapist for Elements Therapeutic Massage in Middleton, WI

“The core of all of my many passions is having the ability to help others who are in need. That’s why I love what I do as a licensed massage therapist. People come to me week after week and they share stories of pain and discomfort. They put their stress and pain in my hands to heal and taking on that kind of responsibility with confidence that you can and will make a difference in someone’s life through touch keeps me going day to day. I never know what tomorrow holds, every day is a surprise and you learn something new with every experience. You might not have all the answers for everyone every time, but you can lead them in the right direction. I look forward to changing lives, and educating others, and as people bring me challenges I challenge myself to get better and better as a therapist and as a person, by educating myself on the things I don’t know so far. Overall, my experience as a graduate in the massage therapy field has been a great one. I’m loving every minute of it; wouldn’t trade one second.”


massage therapy program

Matthew Marks, graduate in the massage therapy program, poses with his father during graduation.

Matthew Marks: June 2011 Alumni and Massage Therapist for Elements Therapeutic Massage in Middleton, WI. Also in the process of starting his own massage therapy business called “Innovative Sports and Therapeutic Massage” at CrossFit Farmland in Waunakee, WI. 

“I love my job because it gives me a chance to help people.  Those who tap into massage therapy perform better in life, can live pain free and increase their overall wellness.”


massage therapy careers

Amanda Everson, graduate in the massage therapy program at Globe University-Madison West.

Amanda Everson: September 2010 Alumni and Massage Therapist/Business Owner for New Release

“Getting to meet new people and helping them through massage therapy is what I love most. I get to witness first hand a progressive improvement in their healing. Witnessing how much of a difference massage therapy makes in their life is inspiring.  Also, the fact that you are constantly still learning something new every day is motivating.  I always inspire to adapt, to do better and work harder to help my clients with their needs. That is something I really enjoy.”

What do you love about your job? What motivates you? What makes you feel loved at your job?  Be sure to share your thoughts in our comment section below. And, if you’re interested in the field, we can help you learn more about massage therapy careers.