49 Students Achieve Perfection

Globe University-Madison West would like to congratulate the following students who have accomplished perfect attendance during the Fall 2012 quarter and beyond.

The program is called “Pristine Perfection” which was developed by the student services team to acknowledge those students who have achieved perfect attendance for one quarter and for two, three or four consecutive quarters.

Students who achieved one quarter of perfect attendance received the “Silver” award which included a certificate of appreciation signed by Brock Vander Velden, Globe University-Madison West’s campus director.

Those who achieved two consecutive quarters of perfect attendance were awarded the “Gold” award. This included a signed certificate of appreciation along with a pack of gum encouraging them to “stick with it”.

The “Platinum” award, which recognized those students who achieved three consecutive quarters of perfect attendance, received a certificate of appreciation and an “I’m Perfect” button.

The highest achievement is called the “Diamond” award. Students who achieved four consecutive quarters of perfect attendance received a framed certification of appreciation and will have their name included in an engraved plaque which will be displayed on campus.

With today’s students juggling work, family, and a social life on top of getting an education, Globe University-Madison West  would like to congratulate the following students who reached this great achievement.

We applaud them for their determination, dedication and fortitude.

Perfect Attendance

Platinum certificate winners: Donna Back and Julie Blackard

Platinum Recipients: (3 consecutive quarters of perfect attendance)

  • Donna Back
  • Julie Blackard
  • Denise Hintz
  • Kathleen Laib
  • Sheila Robson
  • Tina Schott
  • Troy Sprecker
  • Stevie Vordermann
Perfect Attendance

Gold certificate winners: Chelsey Larson, Jeffrey Woroch, Rhonda Schubloom, Karla Dean

Gold Recipients: (2 consecutive quarters of perfect attendance)

  • Cristina Carpentier
  • Karla Dean
  • Chelsey Larson
  • Megan Loger
  • Todd Rasmussen
  • Rhonda Schubloom
  • Krista Turner
  • Jeffrey Woroch
  • Kevin Ziegler
  • Zandra Zimmerman
Perfect Attendance

Silver certificate winners: (top left) Julie Kopp, Amanda Bedarek, Thomas Salmon, Jeanette Koscuik, Andrew Lockman, Adam Salmon, Susan Yunker, Stephanie Felts, Eric Olds, Rebecca Smith, BrandeNycole Kuelz, Todd Grauvogl

Silver Recipients: (1 quarter of perfect attendance starting Fall 2012 quarter)

  • Lindsey Beckius
  • Amanda Bednarek
  • Laurie Anne Caamal
  • Shelly Carpenter
  • Mark Diebel
  • Stephanie Felts
  • Melinda Gehin
  • Todd Grauvogl
  • Erica Healey
  • Bruce Hennings
  • Jennifer Hilgendorf
  • Julie Kopp
  • Jeanette Kosciuk
  • BrandeNycole Kuelz
  • Amber Ledbetter
  • Andrew Lockman
  • Eric Olds
  • Megan Peterson
  • Miranda Peterson
  • Rebecca Phillps
  • Carley Reisen
  • Nicole Ringelstetter
  • Mary Ryan
  • Adam Salmon
  • Thomas Salmon
  • Autumn Schmelzer
  • Tabitha Sicher
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Nicole Wood
  • Shaline Wood
  • Susan Yunker