58 Graduates Set for a Journey of a Lifetime

For 58 graduates, the journey of graduation is not an end, but only a beginning.

Graduates, family and their friends joined Globe University-Madison faculty and staff to celebrate the Spring 2013 class at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis.

Graduates Reflect

Globe University, Graduation

Representing Globe University-Madison East was Jaimee Neerland and from Madison West, Denise Hintz.

Serving as the graduate speakers were honor students Jaimee Neerland, who graduated with her associate degree in criminal justice, and Denise Hintz, who earned her associate degree in massage therapy.

“Today, as we end our journey at Globe University, we begin pursuing our dreams,” Jaimee said.  “I challenge you, fellow graduates, staff, family and friends to always strive to better yourself. Do not remain that seed dug deep in the earth. Each of us is full of potential, wanting to grow and blossom. Do not suppress the potential.”

Denise posed the question, “So, we are graduating. What’s next? Well, we either find jobs in our chosen field, or continue to go on to a higher degree. Whichever way we choose, Globe University has shaped us to succeed. From the studies, the teachers, the mentors, the staff, everyone made this a very pleasant journey to go on. We made it! Let the celebration and the rest of our lives begin.”

Expert Advice

Zach Brandon, president of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, served as the keynote speaker. Mr. Brandon shared stories about his family, himself and others on their journeys to success. What he shared delivered an inspiring message.

Zach Brandon

Zach Brandon, Presiden, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

“There are stories after stories of success where adversity gets in your way and where you think about what’s next and it seems so daunting,” Zach said. “A bend in the road is only the end if you fail to make a turn. There’s going to be a lot of turns in your life but make sure to continue on your path forward. Continue to seek opportunities; continue to not be afraid of taking those risks because those are the things that will give you success.”

Congratulations to our Spring 2013 graduates, and here’s to your successful futures.

  • Brendon A. Albrecht, Associates in Paralegal
  • Shaka Allen, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Donna Back*, Associates in Business Administration
  • Sada M. Bischoff, Associates in Business Administration
  • Julie Blum, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Brooke Bode, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Angela Cerney*, Diploma Business Administrative Assistant
  • Kendra S. Clark, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Brandie Copling*, Bachelors in Business Management
  • Andrea Dedrick, Bachelors in Health Fitness Specialist
  • Kristian DiPersio, Bachelors in Health Fitness Specialist
  • Brittany Mariah Driscoll, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Kimberly Sue Galston, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Nicole M. Gigl, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Lynn M. Gillitzer*, Associates in Music Business
  • Daniel Goplin, Associates in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Rebecca Hahn, Bachelors in Health Fitness Specialist
  • Brian David Hagen*, Associates in Music Business
  • Denise C. Henrich*, Associates in Accounting & Tax Specialist
  • Denise C. Hintz*, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Carolyn Joanne Henry**, Associates in Paralegal
  • Lilia I. Imatdinova*, Associates in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Mollie Kallas, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Melissa Korth, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Brian E. Koval, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Scott Kriel, Associates in Business Administration
  • Alisha Kunz, Associates in Management Accounting
  • Christopher Lanners, Associates in Music Business
  • Michael Lenzendorf, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Alena Lipatova, Associates in Medical Administrative Assistant
    Medical Assistant

    Medical assistant graduates celebrate

  • Tonya Lou*, Associates in Management Accounting
  • Jessica Moll, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Andrea D. Morton, Diploma Medical Assistant
  • Jaimee N. Neerland*, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Katelyn F. Neumaier*, Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Macey A. Oehlenschlager, Diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Kathryn Olsen, Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Barbara M. Pfluger-Fey, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Spencer P. Porter*, Associates in Business Administration
  • Barbara Prado Theis, Associates in Interactive Media & Graphic Design
  • Tracy Robson, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Daniel P. Rose, Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Magaly Sanchez*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Karen M. Scheffler**, Associates in Paralegal
  • Rhea Scherbert, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • Jennifer L. Schreier*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Rhonsa Shubloom*, Associates in Paralegal
  • Molly Siegel*, Masters in Business Administration
  • Gloria Smith, Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Taylor Swenson*, Associates in Criminal Justice
  • Francesca G. Terre, Associates in Veterinary Technology
  • Chloe Uitenbroek*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Brian Ullmann**, Masters in Business Administration
  • Holly Voight, Associates in Massage Therapy
  • April Lyn Whaley*, Associates in Paralegal
  • Tiffany R. Whitfield*, Associates in Medical Assistant
  • Cheryl Wianecki*, Bachelors in Media Business
  • Marissa Winer**, Masters in Business Administration

*indicates honors, **indicates high honors


Watch the Globe University-Madison Spring 2013 graduation below.