All Access Occasion: Students in Security Class Check Out Kraft Foods Security Center

Students in the Criminal Justice and Information Technology programs at Globe University-Madison West witnessed first-hand the complex security systems and procedures as they took a tour of Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer Security Center. The field trip, which was arranged for students enrolled in the Security: Private, Local, State and Federal Governments class, was informative and engaging for those who attended.

Criminal Justice students visited with security staff from AlliedBarton who were working at KraftFoods/Oscar Mayer. During their visit, students talked to and observed on duty security officers as they worked on access control procedures and alarm monitoring systems. Students also observed the camera and surveillance systems located in the facility. On duty security officers showed and explained the fire alarm system which covered the large eight story corporate office.

One highlight of the trip involved witnessing the truck gate security team perform an access control procedure on vehicles entering and exiting the facility. At one point, students witnessed a truck being denied entrance. Criminal Justice student Debra Griffin shared. “We witnessed a truck being turned away because it was not clean. The trucker was not happy. We also watched the security team work inside the facility. One guy did not have his badge and security took the necessary steps to verify him and proceeded to issue him a badge to get into the building for work.”

Part of the course objective for the Security class is to learn about security systems as well as understanding the overall security for a facility. This tour deemed beneficial to the students who participated.

Criminal Justice student Kevin Ziegler shared what he learned that night. “I learned that the security systems at Oscar Meyer are the first steps in making sure their products are safe for us as consumers.”