Alumni Reflections: Josh Westby Shares College, Career Advice

degree in business administration

Globe University-Madison West Alumnus, Josh Westby

Building strong relationships with our graduates is important to us at Globe University-Madison West.  We love to see them succeed in their career goals and love it more when they connect with us after they’ve graduated.

Josh Westby is one alumnus who sets that tone. Graduating in September 2011 with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Administration, Josh now serves as a front office supervisor at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. He also works part-time as an assistant manager for a local Milo’s restaurant.

In addition, Josh is writing a business plan for a family friend who is looking to expand his chemical compliance safety consulting firm. It’s a huge undertaking, but Josh isn’t afraid of the challenge. In fact, he welcomes it. “My degree focused on writing business and marketing plans so it’s really exciting to be using that skill right now,” he shared.

Business Administration Program Chair Rick Mason reflected on Josh’s time at Globe University-Madison West.

“Josh is a great example of a student who is positive, hard-working and focused on the end goal,” Rick said.  “He is an inspiration to all of our students and exemplifies the benefits of meeting challenges and staying the course.  The fact that he has been rewarded for his hard work is not a surprise and I would anticipate that there will be many more stepping stones for him in the future.”

He added, “We are proud of his accomplishments.  Our business degree program is especially excited about his willingness to come back to campus and share his experiences with our current students.  That is invaluable to us. Great job, Josh!”

degree in business administration

Recently, Josh visted a Business Communications class to talk to students about how important communication is in his work as a front office supervisor.

I sat down with Josh to discuss his experience at Globe University-Madison West and to gather some insight on what he did to make his education a successful one. What he shares, he hopes will help current and future students at Globe University-Madison West.

Why did you choose Globe University?

“It really fit my lifestyle and allowed me to learn in an environment of small class  sizes, which is something I really enjoy and thrive in as opposed to large lecture halls that you often see in other schools. You have classes with 200 students and you never really get to ask questions or really work hands-on with other students very often and that was something I saw here that really helped me learn and focus. I couldn’t do the large classes; I didn’t like it.  That was a major deciding factor for me.

“In addition, the scheduling of classes was very flexible. I felt like I could pretty much choose a schedule and still work.  After meeting with my admissions representative, Chad Obright, and other staff, I just felt like it was a very comfortable and welcoming place where people actually did care about you instead of being a number like at other schools.”

What was your biggest challenge while at Globe? How did you overcome it? 

“My hardest challenge what that I occasionally had to take an online class. I learn so much better when I can see and talk to people rather than writing on a message board and handing in assignments when they are due.  Being able to get that face time and interacting with people and my instructor is very important for me in how I learn. I overcame it by really connecting with the instructors of the class, I made sure to ask a lot of questions. I asked questions to campus instructors who may have taught that class before, I connected with students who took that class and I always made sure to email my instructors if I didn’t get my questions answered. I used all the people around me as resources and tapped into their knowledge on the subject to overcome that.”

What motivated you in your schooling? 
“I think a large part of it was the staff and instructors at Globe. They are always willing to help you. They push you without pushing too hard. A lot of my motivation came from the administration and faculty at Globe University.”

degree in business administration

Josh Westby during his graduation in September 2011.

Do you have any other advice for fellow or future students at Globe University? 

“Follow your dreams. Do what you want to do.  For me, I could have finished my horticulture degree at River Falls but I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Maybe I would have gotten a better job or maybe I would be making more money but that wouldn’t have made me happy. I now have a degree in what I enjoy–working with people in business–and I’m all the more happy for it. The basic piece of advice is to keep an open mind and continue to explore your options.”

Can you share any tips or advice in getting out there in the business world?

“Don’t settle for the first job you get offered. Keep an open mind and maybe even if you do start somewhere and it’s not the first position you were hoping for, if it is a company that fits you well and will fit you well in the future, use that position as a stepping stone to get to where you want to be.  With the economy where it is right now, you are not going to get to where you want to be right away with just your education, but it could be a great stepping stone to get where you want to be faster otherwise.

“Definitely use your resources to your advantage, like the instructors and staff here at Globe University [and] also the social media channels like LinkedIn to stay connected. The social media sites are a huge help in connecting with people.  Remember, while the resources are there for you now, remember that they are also there after you graduate.”