BIG 10 Reasons Brock Will Be Missed

It all started five years ago with the creation of Globe University-Madison West. Described as “the one room school house,” Campus Director Brock Vander Velden and a handful of staff started this campus on one of the top floors of the neighboring Regus building. In those early years, the campus began to grow.

Brock Vander Velden

The many smiling faces of Campus Director Brock Vander Velden.

And grow we did! Five years later, Globe University-Madison West has become a unique campus where success comes in a variety of ways. Students graduate and land jobs, staff grow in confidence and skill, and most importantly, our campus has become a family.

Our campus family is going through another growth spurt by saying goodbye to our campus director, Brock. Though we are sad to see him leave for a new adventure, we take heart that he will meet his new career with grace, charisma, dedication and a great sense of humor.

We cannot forget the achievements our campus accomplished during Brock’s tenure at Globe. They include the recognition of our campus receiving the Beacon Award (Winter 2012), Guiding Light Award (Fall 2011), Gold Status in Most Improved Campus of the Year (2012), and most notably, Campus of the Year (2010).

As our way of saying goodbye, we present the BIG TEN (shout out to Brock’s love of sports) Reasons Why Brock Will be Missed. While some are funny and personal, what it expresses is how much we appreciate him, and it’s our chance to say our final goodbye.

  • Amanda Hatzinger, administrative assistant: “First off, I will miss Brock’s sick dance moves, lovely singing voice, and his horrible bad jokes. But I wanted to share that Brock has a way, when in argument with another co-worker, of seeing and supporting both sides all while showing respect. Brock also has a way about him that makes you not want to disappoint him.”
  • Rocky Klitzke, campus director at Madison East: “Brock will be missed because of his infectious smile. He has a knack for making people around him positive and happy anytime they interact with him. Brock is an upbeat person who I have always looked forward to meeting and collaborating with. Brock will be missed because he is a great leader, a great colleague and a great friend. Wish him the best!”
  • Stevie Vordermann, admission representative. “Brock has a way of livening up the work atmosphere with his quick jokes and quirky antics. He never ceases to make you laugh. Brock always has great advice to help you with either a problem or to get you through the day. He brings a great insight and has a way of seeing the whole picture of an issue and not just one side of it.”
  • Cristina Follen, high school admissions coordinator “I’ll miss his dancing at Christmas parties and singing on road trips to Woodbury.”
  • Vic Wipperfurth, dean of students: “I will miss how calm Brock has always been when things get crazy. This has helped us so much to keep our cool.”
  • Kim Sprecker, dean of faculty: “Who will hide behind office doors and in empty cubes, calling out people’s names to make them question their sanity? Brock could turn any pen, paperclip, napkin, straw wrapper, etc., into a toy and play with it all meeting long. Brock really cared about his staff—cared about their lives, work, families—which is a rare trait in a boss.”
  • Dan Goplin, medical assistant program chair:  “I am going to miss being able to have a conversation above all of cube land from one border to another.” (Dan and Brock are two of the top five tallest people on campus.)
  • Jennifer Hilgendorf, community manager: “I have loved having Brock as my boss these past three years. I’m going to miss how Brock truly saw the best in what I had to offer Madison West.  At first I didn’t know I had it in me, and Brock has helped me bring that to light. Brock has made this campus a great place to work, thanks to all of his praise, jokes and laughter. You will be missed.”
  • Amy O’Shea, campus librarian: “Brock has always done a great job of managing the campus as a whole, while encouraging his staff to take the lead in managing their specific parts of the campus. He always responded positively to any idea I presented and gave me the go-ahead to run with it. I very much appreciated the autonomy that Brock has allowed me in the library, and feel that I have blossomed under his leadership. His support, positive attitude and great sense of humor will be missed.”
  • Laurie Anne Caamal, associate director of admissions: “So much of this campus is Brock. He has been our campus director since our campus doors opened.  Look around you—his creative and caring fingerprints are everywhere. His latest fingerprint? The courtroom scene in Room 207! Thank you!”

Thank you, Brock, for all you have done to shape our campus into whom we are today. The solid roots you have established will support us as we continue to shape our campus’s future into a fruitful one. We wish you the best.