Come One, Come All: Globe University Invites Students to Bring Friends and Family

As a college student, your friends and family members probably wonder what you’re up to while at school. Maybe you’ve tried to explain your classes to them, but wouldn’t it be easier to show them? Globe University offers students that opportunity. From February 16 through February 20, students are encouraged to bring a friend or family member with them to class to experience college and see what Globe University has to offer. And just for participating, friends, family and students are given assorted Globe gear.

Erica Healey, paralegal program chair, Natalie Busse, career services coordinator, and students

“Friends and Family Week is an exciting time at the Madison West campus! Friends and Family Week gives our guests the chance to see our courses and the student experience firsthand at Globe University. It is a great way for students to involve family members in their education,” Madison West Campus Director Jamie Buenzli said. “This is also a great week to bring friends to class who have been thinking about going back to school but want to see what it is like first.”

For our current students who want to take advantage of Friends and Family week, make sure that you pre-register your guests with the front desk or admissions so that instructors can be notified that they will have more people in attendance. There will be a signup sheet at the front. All guests must be over the age of 16. During Friends and Family week, please check in your guests at the front desk before going to class and to pick up your new Globe Gear.

We look forward to meeting your friends and family.