Dual Faculty of the Year Award Winners

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” Mahatma Ghandi said.

Faculty of Year 2015Doctors Jane “J.R.” Lund and Karen Hershberger were the 2015 recipients of the very rare, dual Faculty of the Year Award. They’ve been called miracle workers, animal people, and of course “tough instructors”. When you have two Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) that help students achieve the impossible though, good things are bound to happen.

Lund began working for Globe University – Madison West in 2010 and was officially promoted to Regional DVM in 2014 of Wisconsin. Hershberger, right behind, began in 2011 and was promoted in 2015 as well to Regional DVM in Minnesota.

They both provide an exemplary service to students on a daily basis. What could we do without them? Some challenges do arise though with teaching students, such as Karen describes issues in “going over musculoskeletal anatomy, learning that some dry materials are used for injections, and other items within their career.” Lund describes this as finding the balance between civilian and military responsibilities. Being deployed and having multiple training missions over the past five and a half years provide a unique but certainly appreciated challenge.

However, good teaching does overcome the challenges. The biggest accomplishments chose by Lund and Hershberger were assisting with the changes within the Veterinary Technician department and the course developments as Globe University transferred to the new CareerPath model.  “Stream-lining the program and reducing redundancy” has made our program even better. Some direct changes students may see are the drop in credits (from 110 – 94) and a greater amount of hybrid and online classes available to help with the 6 week courses.

When asked if they had any other thoughts as faculty members of the year Lund left us with “it is a privilege to serve in her many roles with the Globe Education Network.”

A big thank you to all the veterinary staff for helping making Globe University – Madison West a great place to work with animals!