Faculty Spotlight: Dan Goplin Has Big Plans for Medical Assistant Program

Globe University-Madison West is excited to announce the recent promotion of instructor Daniel Goplin. Daniel is our new medical assistant program and medical administrative assistant program chair, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Hired as a full-time medical assistant instructor in March 2011, Dan  briefly transferred to our Madison East campus to work full time as an instructor. Dan then returned to the Madison West campus when the opportunity to serve in a leadership role became available.

Daniel Goplin

Daniel Goplin, medical assistant and medical administrative assistant program chair

The role of a program chair is essential to the success of the medical assistant program. Some responsibilities include advising students enrolled in the program, integrating faculty and student relations, faculty development and mentoring, upholding our ACICS and ABHES accreditation, and developing community relationships that benefit the program.

I recently sat down with Dan to talk about his new role at Globe University-Madison West. Here’s what he had to share:

What are you most excited about in your new role as the medical assistant program chair?

“I’m student centered. I’ve always been student centered and I really want to develop a sense of community here at Globe, for everybody. Since there are so many of us here that are student centered and the Globe  philosophy  is ‘We Care,’ I want to create a harmonious and better sense of community on campus. I want to make it bigger and better.  I’m also excited about supporting our medical assistant faculty.”

What advice do you have for those looking into a career in medical assisting?

“The medical assistant career path is ever changing. It’s a fast-paced job. The demand is growing. In 2014 the demand for medical assistants will be huge. So if you are looking for any job security, this is a great way to get your foot in the door in the health field. A medical assistant needs to love people and love responsibility. No one is going to tell you what to do, everyone is going to expect you to critically think for yourself. That is one of the things we strive for here at Globe is critical thinking.”

You mentioned putting an emphasis in critical thinking in the program. What other elements in the program do you think make Globe University-Madison West unique?

Daniel Goplin

Daniel Goplin in the classroom

“The implementation of Electronic Health Record (HER) in our curriculum is exciting.  It may not be the exact program that people are using, like Epic, but what it does give you is that repetition and that sense of working with a computer while you are checking a patient in. I know when I was in school, this was not taught, so I’m really excited about that. I think our program brings a sense of real world experience. We have had doctors visit and acted as if he was the ordering provider to have students act accordingly. We try to get that real world setting in the classroom. Our faculty is awesome. Being here at Globe, you have so many resources. Not only people who can mentor, tutor and guide you, but also all of our online resources. It’s phenomenal. Anybody who comes to Globe is very fortunate.”

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