Give and Get Veteran Support at DryHootch

With troubling statistics showing Veteran’s lives slipping through the cracks, Madison welcomes a place that offers help for Veterans and their families, it’s called DryHootch. DryHootch, a coffee house located at 8025 Excelsior Drive (less than 1 mile from campus, off of Old Sauk Road), “provides veterans and their families with a stable, substance-free environment and programs to gather, grow and enhance their post-service life experience.”

DryHootch Madison

DryHootch Madison opened its doors in May. They offer several resources and support programs for Veterans and their families. They include:

• Mentoring (Individual and group sessions are available)
• Weekly Support Groups (which include “Acoustic Jam”, Alcoholic/Narcotics Anonymous, and Suicide Survivors)
• Legal Help
• Housing Assistance
• Full Resource Directory

How can I help?
There are several ways to show support for DryHootch. It can be as simple as stopping by for a cup of coffee. DryHootch is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to keep their doors open. Instead of stopping by Starbucks or a local gas station for your morning cup of Joe, make your purchase DryHootch instead. They offer coffee and bakery items at a great price and all profits made go directly into operating DryHootch Madison. DryHootch is always looking for volunteers to help run the Coffee House. Opportunities to serve as a peer mentor or helping with outreach are also available.

Kathy Perry, Business Administrative student started volunteering at DryHootch since it opened. Her time is spent working on outreach projects, serving coffee and getting the word out to Veterans and Service Members about both DryHootch and Globe University’s support system. Her determination is strong because the support she receives from both DryHootch and Globe is something she strongly believes in.

Kathy shares, “For me personally, DryHootch helps me with my sobriety and PTSD. Just being there and helping someone else keeps me grounded and focused and so volunteering there helps me deal with my issues. This is such a new outlook that helps veterans. And it has been one of the few that is substance free and doesn’t require a membership. You can come there for a safe environment, be able to reconnect. The services available are vast, from acupuncture to help with your resume. Civilians can come to volunteer to help. I love it and it’s really challenged me and given me a jumpstart on a new life.”

For more information about DryHootch Madison log onto:

DryHootch Madison
8025 Excelsior Dr
Madison, WI 53717