Globe University-Madison East and West Celebrate Winter Graduation

It was a packed house in the lecture hall at the Monona Terrace on March 22nd as 36 graduates from the Madison East and West campuses proudly wore their caps and gowns and received their diplomas with pride. Friends, family, faculty, staff and fellow students all expressed their momentous cheers as each graduate walked across the stage.

East Graduate Gary Koerner who received his Associates in Medical Assistant and West Graduate Ralph Okeson who received his Associates in Accounting served as the Graduate Speakers. Their speeches were met with much laughter and inspiration.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray served as the Keynote Speaker. Chief Wray spoke on the 11 guidelines of investing in citizenship as well as the noble profession of policing, encouraging and inspiring others to join in serving their community.

Globe Madison East and West would like to extend our warmest congrats to our most recent graduates.

• Ralph Okeson, Associates in Accounting*
• Mary Jo McKee, Associates in Business Administration
• Jeremy Gesicki, Bachelors in Business Administration*
• Sarah E. Sampson, MBA in Business Administration**
• Amanda L. Dietz, Associates in Criminal Justice*
• Eric M. Mickelson, Associates in Criminal Justice*
• Scott T. Zoll, Associates in Criminal Justice
• Luis Miguel Caracas, Bachelors in Health Care Management
• Kristen Ann Floyd, Associates in Information Technology
• Brian J. McCauley, Associates in Information Technology*
• Tricia A Louis, Associates in Information Technology*
• Ann Marie Krieg, Associates in Information Technology
• Nicole Kasuboski, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Michelle Ann Landdeck, Diploma in Massage Therapy*
• Jvon Clemmer, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Jacqueline R. Cole, Associates in Massage Therapy*
• Alisha Valary Bartz, Diploma in Massage Therapy*
• Becki G. Pflager, Diploma in Massage Therapy**
• Michele Lee Lasa, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• John H. Hurschik, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Mary E. Delp, Associates in Massage Therapy*
• Amanda Love, Associates in Massage Therapy**
• Elizabeth Moore, Associates in Massage Therapy*
• Kristina Olson, Associates in Massage Therapy*
• Mark Richardson, Associates in Massage Therapy**
• Genene Alessandria McNeal, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Amy Marie Tikkanen, Diploma in Medical Assistant*
• Gary Lee Koerner, II, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Barbara J. Kroning, Associates in Medical Assistant*
• Tiffany Prescott, Diploma in Medical Assistant*
• Laura Williams, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Brianna Fay Marino, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Traci Heritage, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Katie Hipler, Associates in Music Business*
• Melanie Skrzypchak, Associates in Music Business*
• Debra K. Koepp, Diploma in Legal Administrative Assistant
• Stephanie Schanke, Associates in Paralegal*
• Stephanie Teresa Thompson, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal*
• Lynn Moller, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal**
• Peder Brown, Associates in Veterinary Technology

*honors **high honors