Globe University-Madison West Creative Quill Gala 2014 Published Author

Amanda Nichelle Cross, music business graduate, veterinary technology student and… author? That is correct! Nichelle had two writings published in the Creative Quill Gala 2014 that was distributed earlier this month.

Nichelle Cross holding the Creative Quill Gala 2014 in which two of her works are published.

“I never had an interest in writing until I took a writing class at Globe University last year,” said Nichelle. “Prior to that, I usually focused any creativity towards music. Writing is so different than making music, but I get the same kind of satisfaction from it. As Neil Gaiman has said, ‘The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.’”

Nichelle wrote a poem, “Hushed,” and a fiction story, “Monsters: A Short Story.”

An excerpt from “Hushed” has a clear message linking her passion for music to her writing: “…The cello begins its haunting and noble passage. The greedy viola snatches the melody, flips it over, violates each tone in haste. Twin violins rush in, righteous and full of hope, rescuing the notes and offering a new melody to soothe the pain…”

Her fiction story, “Monsters: A Short Story,” won Nichelle a second place cash prize out of all of the fiction stories that were submitted!

Here is a quote from her short story: “We all walked calmly side by side, bracing ourselves against the cold breeze, huddling slightly closer whenever we would pass by another homeless group. I saw the disgust in the eyes of these girls, the cold manner in which they regarded these poor people who deserved better. I was shocked by the lack of compassion. Perhaps the encounter with the tall stranger in the hospital had changed me, or perhaps I was just starting to understand that not everything is as it seems. I shot a quick glance behind me, looking at the group of homeless men huddled over a burning garbage can, and offered a weak smile in their direction. In the dim light, I doubt they saw me. I doubt it would have meant anything to them, but it gave me a spark of hope that I wouldn’t ever be so quick to judge.”

Globe University-Madison West is proud to have Nichelle as our student and hope she inspires others with her writings.