Globe University-Madison West Launch Area’s First Forensic Accounting Degree Program

With fraud cases on the rise, government and business are clamoring for accountants with special skills in investigating and analyzing financial evidence.

MINNEAPOLIS—January 31, 2012—Globe University and Minnesota School of Business (MSB) announced today that it is launching the region’s first forensic accounting bachelor’s degree. According to Network Dean of Accounting Melanie Torborg, forensic accounting offers higher than average job growth and higher salaries compared to national averages.

Forensic accountants get involved in cases that include securities fraud, economic damages, bankruptcies, insolvencies and negligence. Many forensic accountants serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings. “This is an engrossing career with change and challenges around nearly every corner,” said Torborg. She noted that practitioners have the chance to be detective, accountant and attorney in these positions, which are employed by banks, law firms, accounting firms, government agencies and corporations.

In addition to all the courses required for Globe’s Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, its forensic program requires students to complete courses in computer forensics, criminal justice, and information security, to name a few. Graduates of the program have the option of taking the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) test. The degree program is now being offered at select campuses in Minnesota and Wisconsin. For further information contact 877-303-6060 or visit the forensic accounting webpage.