Globe University-Madison West Security Class Assesses Local Veterinary Clinic

Students obtaining their criminal justice and information technology degrees at Globe University-Madison West teamed up with Veterinarian Emergency Services (VES) for their service and applied learning project.

Throughout the quarter, the Security: Private, Local, State and Federal Governments class studied private security and public security processes; examined community-based security strategies; discussed personal and professional ethics on effective security practices as well as community based initiates currently in place and those that would be helpful if implemented. Lastly, they examined the future of public safety.

During their visit at VES’s Middleton location, students met with Mary Kaminiski, hospital administrator, who provided them with a detailed tour of their facility and answered security related questions. The students examined the facility’s current security systems such as electronic system, lighting, camera surveillance, locks and overall ways to secure the facility. The project went above and beyond expectations as the class initially only planned to tour the Middleton facility but added the east clinic to their project after it was asked by VES staff.

Security Assessment

Information Technology student, Shawn Alberg and Criminal Justice student, Kyle Kort check over the building exterior’s security system at VES.

After the two security assessment tours, students compiled a report of security recommendations which then was presented to Mary.

Mary Kaminiski was thrilled to work with the security class stating, “The students were interested and engaged with VES. They went beyond asking questions to learn more about our security. We thank you for choosing VES for your project.”

Kyle Kort, a Globe University student in the criminal justice program shared his thoughts. “I was leery on the project at first. I assumed that our assessments of the two locations would be the same, but what I learned is that they were two different buildings. One was an office building and the other was built specifically to be a vet clinic. It was exciting to find many security differences between the two buildings. In the end the project as a whole was a great hands-on experience.  It’s great to know that some people’s career is to provide security assessments and I was able to experience that first hand.”

Criminal Justice Students

Criminal Justice students Debra Griffin and Shaka Allen interview Mary Kaminski on VES’s security systems.

Debra Griffin, student in the criminal justice program added, “The staff at Veterinarian Emergency Services Middleton was very friendly and informative about their facility and their security stems. The staff at the east clinic was also friendly and informative about their facility. I enjoyed the staff’s friendliness and the opportunity to be able to use what I learned in class to help their facilities.”

Ben Riser, student in the information technology program said, “The report provided to VES will be of great help as they develop new, and refine existing, security procedures and training methods. I am very glad we were able to help VES improve not only their buildings security but the safety of employees and patients alike.”

When asked how the students did, Instructor Chuck Dipiazza said, “The students’ response was very positive. They were also very positive about the assignment, as they felt it was a significant learning experience for them, especially those who wish to pursue security as their field. They saw first-hand a facility and how to survey a place for security. They said the project really brought the class to life for them, as they were able to experience the learning first-hand, as related to the text.”