Globe University Tech Squad, a Win-Win for Students and Customers

Globe University Tech Squad

Globe University Tech Squad: Jeff Woroch, Kitty Sandbergh-Reid, David Jaworski and Thomas Overly

Students in Globe University-Madison West’s Computer Essentials class this quarter served as tech support for fellow classmates, family and friends. Simply called “Globe University Tech Squad,” students dove right into fixing computers as part of their classwork experience. During the quarter, students repaired 23 computers for free.

Globe University Tech Squad originated through G.U.T.S., the campus’s Information Technology student organization. It became an extension program for the IT155 class as they discovered having a set time to work on the computers worked well for both the students and customers.

Students reflected positively on the experience, noting that the direct hands on experience greatly outweighed learning through classroom scenarios.

“I was able to improve my trouble-shooting skills, it was a great way to practice what I learned in class.” shared Thomas Overly.

Kitty Sandbergh-Reid added, “I really preferred the hands-on approach better than the learning from the scenario work. It’s the way to go. I also learned from my fellow students as they were able to help me because they had other ways to look at the problem.”

Jeff Woroch explained one example of their most challenging computer repair. “We had one customer’s computer that was having connectivity issues. It took forever to diagnose the problems and we ended up clearing out the hard drive and reinstalling windows. It was definitely a task as it was heavily infected by viruses.”

The Globe University Tech Squad will continue next quarter offering free tech support to customers while providing an invaluable learning experience for Information Technology students. Stay tuned for full details on when Globe University Tech Support will be open for business during the E. Fall Quarter.