Hands-on Learning: The Tale of 3 Classes

Globe University-Madison West prides itself on providing many opportunities for hands-on learning to students. Here are three examples where students experienced their career fields by immersing themselves in the very work they hope to specialize in after graduation.  

Meet the Investigators

Criminal Justice program

Students in the Investigation Processes and Procedures collect evidence.

Students in the Investigation: Processes and Procedures class embarked on solving a mystery. Throughout the quarter students learned the proper procedures in processing a crime scene—something that needs to be by the book or else consequences can arise.

“You need to have all the pieces in the puzzle to make sure you have a valid fight in court,” explained Dawn Stankiewicz, student in the criminal justice program. “If you are missing one piece, it’s a matter of guilty or not guilty.”

With gloves on and a camera ready, students spent time collecting evidence and documenting everything. The final project resulted in the students submitting a report to their instructor, Chuck Dipiazza, on what they found at the scene.

Kids in the Clinic

At one point in a medical assistant’s career, they may have to work with children. What better way to gain insight and practice than to have kids visit Globe University!

Medical Assistant

Instructor Lisa Schroeder demonstrates measuring head circumference on Mackenzie Cone's son.

Medical assistant students in the CMA Review Seminar class were encouraged to bring their children to class where they assessed clinical checkups. Students practiced obtaining proper weight and height on infants, toddlers and older children. They also conducted eye exams and practiced their communication skills with parents and answering their questions.

“There is nothing like offering our students hands-on experience in addition to textbook reading,” shared Lisa Schroeder, medical assistant instructor.  “Combining these two brings the experience to life.”

She continued, “Little ones, unlike adults, can be a challenge and a handful when preparing them for the doctor. I wanted our students to experience the different personalities that each child can bring to the doctor’s office.  Some were shy, one cried, and most were clinging to their mothers.  The infant was very wiggly when it came time to get his head circumference, weight and length. I am so happy that they all didn’t just come with me and make it easy!  This showed that even a person with experience can’t determine how a child will act in a physician’s office.  This was a very valuable class, and I expect to do the same next semester.”

A Walk in a Lawyer’s Shoes

Paralegal program

Paralegal students go to trial

Students in the Litigation I class discovered the challenges of presenting a case to a judge and jury when they conducted a mock trial on campus. The mock trial was a chance to use all of their litigation knowledge and apply it to a “real” life exercise. Because their final chapters were on trial prep and the paralegal’s role at trial, this exercise strongly fit the course content.

“Mock trials emphasize the need for preparation,” explained Erica Healey, paralegal program instructor. “A trial situation is an ideal exercise to put the students in the shoes of the attorney and to make them understand what the attorney will need from them during the course of litigation. I think the students, at the very least, walked away with an understanding of how monumental the task of preparing, litigating, and winning a court case can be.”


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