How Volunteering Sets You Apart from Other Job Seekers

Besides giving back to your community and bettering the lives of others, volunteering can also help improve your own life and your potential to get hired.

“Employers are looking for diverse candidates. They want to see that you can balance work, school, your personal life and volunteering. Giving back to your community is important to almost any company,” says Match Support Specialist Coty Roberts from Big Brother Big Sisters of Dane County. “It is a way to set you a part for employers.”

Coty Roberts presenting to Career Capstone class

How can you get out into the community with limited time to give back? Roberts came into the Globe University-Madison West Career Capstone class and explained to the students how they can make a difference in the lives of the youth in Dane County through two programs.

First, what they are most known for, a community-based program where adults are partnered with a little brother or little sister, and they hang out once a week engaging in fun activities.

Second, the School with Friends program. This is where adults in the community go to the school where their little brother/little sister goes and meets for one hour each week. They are located at different elementary and middle schools throughout Madison with different times to accommodate anyone’s schedule. They participate in seven schools in Madison and four schools in Sun Prairie.

Want to get involved? Check out our career services board for more information on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County schedule including locations and times for the School with Friends program and Coty Robert’s contact information.

A little about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County: there are 750 kids on the waiting list for Bigs ranging in the ages of six to 13. They are referred to the program by either a teacher, counselor or their parent/guardian.

“Children seem to benefit the most from college students because they see what an education can do for their future and open doors for them they might never have thought possible,” said Roberts.  “A great role model in a child’s life can change their course and set the stage for a positive future.”