Ice Bucket Challenge for Heartland Farm Sanctuary

The Student Chapter of National Veterinary Technicians in America on Globe University’s Madison West campus recently held a fundraiser to raise donations to help cover theIce bucket challenge Globe University cost of a scale used to weigh small farm animals (pigs, llamas, goats, etc.).

The scale will be donated to Heartland Farm Sanctuary to help the organization monitor its various animals.

The fundraiser involved money jars for each participant that were placed in the lobby for students and staff to place change in. The two lucky “winners” received an ice cold bucket of water for the ice bucket challenge theme.

Some of the participants included:

Katie Olsen, a SCNAVTA adviser, said Heartland Farms Sanctuary was specifically chosen for this fundraiser because of the partnership we have built with them. 

“They allow us to bring our students to the farm to gain real world experience working with large animals, which they are unable to do here on campus,” she said. “Students are able to vaccinate, restrain, and (perform) other veterinary duties on large animals.”

Jamie Buenzli, Globe University-Madison West Campus Director

The fundraiser ran from Sept. 2 until the end of the quarter.

The ice bucket challenge winners were Dr. J.R. Lung from the vet tech department and Jamie Buenzli, our Madison West Campus Director!

“I am always happy to support our local rescues, even if it means getting cold ice water dumped on my head,” Lund said. 

Added Buenzli: “I am always happy to support our students in their fundraising and community service efforts.” 

Students, staff and faculty gathered outside to watch the challenge. It was a fun event and it all was for a good cause!