It’s Graduation Day! Ceremony Brings Globe University-Madison’s Largest Graduation Class

Globe University Graduation

Dean of Students, Jodi Sherman speaks to graduates during the Spring Quarter ceremony at the Monona Terrace.

It’s an exciting day on campus as Globe University-Madison East and Madison West will graduate 56 students! This is the largest graduation class since the schools opened in July 2009 and January 2010. The ceremony will be held tonight at the Monona Terrace at 6:00p.m. Students, families, and Globe staff and faculty will show their support of the graduates’ achievements!

This will be Madison East and West’s seventh joint graduation and thirteenth graduation overall.

This year Globe welcomes David Metzen, Provost for Globe Education Network who will serve as the keynote speaker. David Metzen served as Executive Director of Dodge Nature Center and in 2008 was appointed by Governor Tim Pawlenty as Director of Higher Education for the state of Minnesota.

Serving as graduate speakers are Anna Kurtz from Madison East who is graduating with her Diploma in Medical Assistant and Cody Corran from Madison West who is graduating with her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.

Globe University-Madison proudly announces our 56 students:

• Maria Allen, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Marla Arensdorf, Diploma in Medical Administrative Assistant
• Kelsey Bernet*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Sada Bischoff, Associates in Medical Administrative Assistant
• Mindy Blumenberg, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Morgan Boland, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Janean Boss*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Tiphanie Broderick, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Alex Champagne, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Alyssa Christ*, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Trina Cone*, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Cody Corran*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Deborah Crawley**, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Clarivyl De Leon-Pena, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Melissa E. Gallun*, Associates in Business Administration
• Amanda Feirst*, Associates in Interactive Media & Graphic Design
• Lynn Filenius, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Samantha Furseth, Associates in Music Business
• Sarah Gantz*, Masters in Business Administration
• Tiffany Golackson, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Catherine Gottschalk, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Rebecca Gunlach, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Stephanie Hebel, *, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Alicia Honeyager*, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Jimmy Kim, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Louise Krompotic, Diploma in Business Administrative Assistant
• Kris Kruckenberg*, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Andrea Kruschke, Associates in Music Business
• Anna Kurtz, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Melanie Lange*, Bachelors in Business Management
• Rachael Lease*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Caitlin Lenz, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Emmanuel Makwinja, Associates in Business Administration
• Dyshaun McDaniel, Diploma in Massage Therapy
• Jaimi Mellum*, Associates Veterinary Technology
• Deidra Patrice Nash*, Associates in Business Administration
• Eric Pizer, Associates in Criminal Justice
• Alyssa Reuter*, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Michael Roessler, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Jana Saavedra-Lincoln**, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Melissa Schroeder*, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Jessica Schroud, Associates in Veterinary Technology
• Beth Schultz, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Elissa Scott, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Monique Shields, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Amanda Sota*, Associates in Paralegal
• Yani Stanley, Associates in Information Technology
• Lorraine Strege*, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Megan Sullivan, Associates in Massage Therapy
• Teresa Surrell*, Diploma in Medical Assistant
• Laura Venechuk**, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Hilary Wahl, Associates in Medical Assistant
• Jeff Woroch*, Associates in Information Technology
• Scott Zautke, Associates in Information Technology
• Nicole Zimpel, Associates in Criminal Justice
• Chelsea Zsatara Strangeway, Diploma in Business Administration Assistant

“Graduation is the most exciting day each quarter. Seeing students reach their goals is inspirational and provides motivation for all of the staff and faculty at GU- Madison East. The most exciting part of graduation is seeing students celebrate their achievement with their families, friends, instructors, and support system. The most exciting part about graduation is to share with students- no one…for the rest of your life can take your education away from you.” Rocky Klitzke, Madison East Campus Director

“Graduation is a great time for students, faculty and staff to recognize the hard work and sacrifices our graduates made to accomplish their goals. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase them and celebrate their great achievements.” Brock Vander Velden, Madison West Campus Director

On behalf of Globe University-Madison East and Madison West, we would like to congratulate our E. Fall Quarter graduates on achieving their educational goals.