Lucky You! 7 Staffers Share their Luckiest Moments

Do you feel lucky? Are you lucky in love? Do you believe in the luck of the Irish?

As we dive into March and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed fitting to have Globe University-Madison West staff members share their stories and reflections on luck.  Here is what we had to say.

Globe University

Dean of Students, Jodi Sherman

Dean of Students, Jodi Sherman: “When I was 18 years old, the small women’s college I was attending held an annual dinner, dance and raffle. They had huge amounts of donated items and after buying raffle tickets you could put as many tickets as you wanted into bowls by each item. Throughout the evening the event staff would select a ticket from a bowl and announce the winner of the item. I was a typical starving college student at the time so I bought only 10 tickets and decided to spread out my chances by putting one ticket into 10 different bowls. The remainder of the night was almost an embarrassment because I ultimately won eight items—and had my name called four times in a row! I recall winning an air popcorn popper (I’d still have it if it hadn’t gotten lost in a cross-country move), a framed cross-stitch replica of Latrec’s Moulin Rouge (it really dressed up my little apartment!), and a Pink Floyd album (I think it was Dark Side of the Moon). People jokingly (I hope) accused me of bribing the event staff to announce my name. What I loved best about those eight prizes is that every one of them was useful or made my day brighter as a young college student. I’ve entered all kinds of raffles and contests since then but never had a lucky day that came close to this one!”

Globe University

Financial Aid Administrator, Brittanie Dempsey

Financial Aid Administrator, Brittanie Dempsey: “Although I may not be lucky when it comes to winning contests or gambling, I feel that I am lucky in love! It was the first day of school my junior year and I was late to class. The only two available seats were next to Josh or this other guy who I thought was a jerk, so I sat next to Josh. Throughout the semester we got to know each other by working together during class. Soon our status changed from study buddies to boyfriend and girlfriend. Josh and I have been together for eight years and recently got married in September 2012. So if I wouldn’t have been late my first day of class, I may not have had the chance to meet my soul mate!”

Globe University

Amanda Hatzinger with her friend Rodrigo at the Britney Spears concert.

Administrative Assistant, Amanda Hatzinger: “I am an extremely lucky person to be surround by a lot of good people from my personal (and Globe) family and friends. I feel lucky and blessed to have found my soul mate, best friend, the love of my life Casey and our two adorable cats Meeker and Kamea. But my top lucky story hands-down has to be when I shook Britney Spears’ hand.  My best friend Rodrigo was good friends with Jon Reilly from Z104.  He scored us tickets to Britney Spears Circus Tour. We went to three different shows.  At the Chicago show we were lucky enough to run into Larry Rudolph who is Britney Spears manger. We told him how big of a fan we were and [he] moved us up front to the stage. That is when I shook her hand.  It’s still the best moment of my life to date.”

Globe University

Dean of Faculty, Kim Sprecker

Dean of Faculty, Kim Sprecker: “Luck is more than just happening to be in the right place at the right time.  Lucky people are the ones who have done the preparatory, behind-the-scenes work to position themselves to be able to meet opportunity when it crosses their paths.  They take more chances, show up more often, meet more people, and are more active.  As Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, said, ‘Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.’  Just please, do everyone a favor and remember to wear deodorant or you could find yourself the recipient of some bad luck!”

Globe University

Director of Career Services, Melissa Simon

Director of Career Services, Melissa Simon:  “I purchased some raffle tickets to support Gilda’s Club. My husband was at Quaker Steak and Lube for a different event and he heard my name being drawn for the raffle. I won two free tickets to Las Vegas which was part of a UW Badger package. It included flight, hotel, and tickets to the football game. I felt really lucky and thankful that my husband was there to hear my name being announced. If he wasn’t, I don’t think I would have been able to get the prize.”

Globe University

Community Manager, Jennifer Hilgendorf

Community Manager, Jennifer Hilgendorf: “When U2 came to Camp Randall in 1997, there were many drawings for front row seats going on at the local bars and restaurants near the stadium.  My friends and I entered a few and were waiting to hear who won at one place.  The name was called, it wasn’t either of us but the rule was you had to be present to win. Responding to the loss, my friend said we needed to run to the next place because they were about to draw there, but something told me to hang on. They ended up drawing again. The next name they called was mine. I won. I was in shock. I definitely had luck on my side that night.”

“My uncle told me once, the harder you work, the luckier you get.” shared Campus Director, Brock Vander Velden.  What do you think? Do you believe in luck? Do you have good or bad luck? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.