Madison West Vet Tech Students Host a Spayathon

While the rest of the Madison-West Campus was unoccupied on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Vet Tech surgery room was full of activity as they held another “spayathon”.

This is the third time Globe University Madison West instructors and Vet Tech Students worked with Friends of Feral (FOF) which is a not-for-profit organization that offers low-cost spay and neuter options for cats.

Veterinary Technology students

Dr. Karen Hershberger performs a spay while Vet Tech Students observe.

The event was deemed a success as over 60 cats were spayed or neutered. This was all thanks to the work of Adjunct Veterinary Technology instructor, Karen Hershberger and four students who volunteered their time and talents.

This experience deemed invaluable to 4th quarter student Katlynn Marotz “I thought it was very exciting. I learned a lot from the other vet tech students and would be glad to do it again.”

Students gained an extensive amount of hands on experience by helping draw up vaccinations and aiding in the surgery prep process while a others attend the surgery to monitor the cats during anesthesia. They also learned a great deal about the feral cat population and what it takes to control it.

The spayathon proved to be a great opportunity for all as Globe students were able to see many different volunteers in the veterinary community come together and work on a project that they are all passionate about.