Managerial Accounting Students Work with Oregon Summerfest 5K Classic

Students in the Managerial Accounting class worked with Erika Weidler, founder of the Oregon Summerfest 5K Classic, aiming to aid in making the 5K an even greater success.

The first race held in June of this year successfully raised over $2,500 for the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization that focuses on making the Oregon community a better place to live and work.  Larger profits from the race will result in helping the Oregon Chamber of Commerce achieve their goals.

Managerial Accounting class

AC160 Students, Paul Jones and Jacob Dischler present their findings.

Students worked all quarter learning Erika’s goals for the run, they then analyzed the books from the first race and prepared a proposal that would help the organizer better prepare the 2012 race.  The project was completed with students Jacob Dischler and Paul Jones presenting their findings to Mrs. Weidler.

Students highlighted several suggestions. They included: Building revenue by targeting recreational runners instead of serious runners; cutting cost by switching the souvenir t-shirt to cotton instead of dry-fit and using flagging tape instead of rented cones.

When asked how the students did, Erika voiced her pleasure, “This proposal is very beneficial.  I was very impressed with the student’s work and I was amazed that they remembered little details from our conversations.”