Medical Assistant Program Students Volunteer, Donors Give for American Red Cross

Medical Assistant student

Melissa Disch, student in the Medical Assistant program chats with Karla Dean, also a Medical Assistant student as she donates blood.

Globe University-Madison West held another successful quarterly campus blood drive for the American Red Cross with 37 presenting donors and 31 total units collected.

Students in the Patient Care Sciences II class volunteered by registering donors and catering to donor’s needs, making the donation procedure comfortable and hospitable. Students in the Medical Assistant program were also given the opportunity to practice their skills by providing complimentary blood pressure checks to those who donated.

Students, faculty, staff and guests shared their reasons why they donated blood.

“Giving blood is my way of giving back. I don’t even meet the people and I know I will make a difference in their lives. It just means so much that something that is so little can save so many people’s lives. Giving blood is one of the greatest gifts.” Melissa Disch, student in the Medical Assistant program shared.

Cheri Lane, student in the Medical Assistant program said. “This is my first time giving blood and I’m giving blood to help anybody in need of a blood transfusion, even kids who have cancer who also may need a blood transfusion.”

“I like to donate blood because I feel like I’m giving back to people in need. It’s a great way to contribute without taking much time but yet you are giving a lot of yourself.” said Chad Obright, Academic and Online Coordinator.

Blood Donors

Thank you to everyone who donated blood during our quarterly campus blood drive.

“I’m donating blood today because I’m O+ and it’s important to donate blood if you are type O because it’s an universal donor.” shared Karla Dean, student in the Medical Assistant program.

“Chad Obright made me do it,” jokes Sean Murray, student in the Information Technology program. “No, really I give blood because it helps saves lives and even though I hate needles it takes like 10 minutes worth of pain to help somebody else.”

“I’m donating blood today in honor of all the 9/11 victims. It’s been years since I’ve donated, about 35 years and while last year was my first time since then, I’m doing it again this year in honor of all the families of 9/11.” shared Madonna Bigelow, Service and Applied Learning Coordinator.

Dylan Thomas, student in the Business Administration program is planning to move to Texas. Dylan shared his reason behind giving blood. “I’m donated blood today because I wanted to make my last contribution to Wisconsin before I leave.”

Bobby Shorter, student in the Medical Assistant program provided a short and direct answer “Giving blood is the best thing you can do to save a life.”

Globe University-Madison West would like to thank all the volunteers and donors who made this quarter’s blood drive a success. With your thoughtfulness and dedication, our efforts helped the American Red Cross save 93 people.

Mark your calendars for our Fall Quarter American Red Cross campus blood drive which is scheduled for Thursday, December 6th.