Meet Ryan Frazier, Our January Faculty Star of the Month

Ryan Frazier

Ryan Frazier with his dog, Remington.

Congratulations go out to Ryan Frazier who is Globe University-Madison West’s January Faculty Star of the Month!

Ryan, who is a Certified Veterinary Technician, has been with us since January 2011. He teaches 5 Vet Tech classes every quarter, such as Imaging, Hematology, and Advanced Clinical Skills.

Dean of Faculty, Kim Sprecker states, “Ryan has proven himself to be an integral part of our VT department, whether it is with the day-to-day details of a smoothly running program or with the long-term plans for growth and positioning in the area’s VT community.”

“Ryan has taken on many new tasks during the transition period to a new program chair and has had a wonderful “can-do” attitude. He has made sure that nothing slipped through the cracks.”

“This quarter, he’s making a positive impact on the next wave of Globe VT students by leading classrooms mini sessions during our high school preview days. He gives them a taste of what it’s really like to be a Vet Tech and how interesting and fun it can be.”

“In the classroom, Ryan brings a fresh, lively approach to learning. He’s definitely not a stuffy, boring instructor, and if you ever walk by his class, you’re likely to hear much laughter.”

Ryan Frazier

Ryan chats with a new Vet Tech student during orientation.

Students add, “I would definitely recommend Ryan for any classes. He is very committed to making sure we have the knowledge to achieve goals in a working environment.”

“He keeps a level of humor in the classroom which really helps me to feel more at ease. It’s easier for me to remember information when I can think of something funny that was said during instruction rather than being bored the entire time.”

“Ryan presents the material in a fun manner that makes me want to learn more…thank goodness for teachers like him-wish there were more like him.”

Ryan’s willingness to go “above and beyond” for his students sets him apart. No job is too big or too small if it will help his students get the best education possible.