Miracle Hands: Alumni Theresa Martin Provides Healing Massage to Celebrity

Fall Quarter 2011 Massage Therapy graduate, Theresa Martin jumped at the chance to voluntary provide massage during the “Reborn Through Fire” fitness event at Verona Middle School. What she didn’t imagine would happen next made her day.

Celebrity fitness guru Billy Blanks, creator of the Tae Bo® Fitness headlined the event by leading two fitness classes. Theresa helped out by providing complimentary sports massages to participants after their workout.

As the day came to a close, Theresa made a move and inquired with a Billy Blank’s staff person asking if Mr. Blanks would like a massage. The staff person came back to say he would come out for a brief massage and photo.

When Mr. Blanks met with Theresa, he noted that he had limited neck mobility. Theresa worked on Mr. Blanks and the 5 minute massage turned into 25 minutes sports massage.

Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks receives a sports massage from Globe University-Madison West Alumni, Theresa Martin

Theresa beamed as she shared what Mr. Blanks said to her after. “He said to me ‘Do you know you have miracle hands, your hands really can heal.’ He said that the massage helped with his neck, allowing him a broader range of motion.”

Reflecting on working on Mr. Blanks, Theresa said “I didn’t really have to figure out where the different muscles were because they were really defined. Billy Blanks is a great motivational speaker and a super down to earth, caring person. He took time to take photos and sign autographs with everyone. That says a lot about a person.”

“Reborn Through Fire,” served as a local fundraiser event which benefited the UW Health Burn Center.