Motivated and Driven: 44 Students Achieve Perfect Attendance

Globe University-Madison West would like to congratulate the following students who have accomplished perfect attendance during the Winter quarter and beyond.

As we continue with our recognition program called “Pristine Perfection,” we talked with Julie Blackard, student in the veterinary technology program and recipient of the Diamond award, which recognizes students who achieved four consecutive quarters of perfect attendance.

Julie’s achievement is extra inspiring because she lives in Wisconsin Dells. Her commute is more than an hour one way and yet here she is, a Diamond award recipient. So, we asked Julie what drives her to come to school each day.

“Even with work, I never call in,” Julie shared. “Occasionally, I might be five minutes late because I’m not a morning person, but I never call in at work because I need the money.  If I’m going to be paying a lot of money for school, I’m going to go. I feel like if I miss a day, I miss a lot. So, I don’t do it. I just feel like I’m wasting money if I don’t come. That’s what drives me.”

The winter quarter was especially challenging bringing a hard winter complete with a few evenings when school closed. This made it more important to recognize these students for their dedication to get to school each and every day.

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved perfect attendance for one, two, three or four consecutive quarters.

Perfect Attendance

(Top left) Donna Back and Julie Blackard. (Bottom left) Denise Hintz, Shelia Robson and Stevie Vordermann

Diamond Recipients: (4 consecutive quarters of perfect attendance)

  • Donna Back
  • Julie Blackard
  • Denise Hintz
  • Sheila Robson
  • Troy Sprecker
  • Stevie Vordermann

Platinum Recipients: (3 consecutive quarters of perfect attendance)

  • Todd Rasmussen
  • Rhonda Schubloom
  • Zandra Zimmerman
Perfect Attendance

(Top left) Todd Grauvogl, Andrew Lockman, Jeanette Koscuik and Eric Olds. (Bottom left) Megan Peterson, Rebecca Phillips and Carley Reisen

Gold Recipients: (2 consecutive quarters of perfect attendance)

  • Laurie Anne Caamal
  • Shelly Carpenter
  • Todd Grauvogl
  • Erica Healey
  • Julie Kopp
  • Jeanette Kosciuk
  • Andrew Lockman
  • Eric Olds
  • Megan Peterson
  • Miranda Peterson
  • Rebecca Phillips
  • Carley Reisen
  • Autumn Schmelzer
  • Tabitha Sicher


Perfect Attendance

(Top left) Betsy Alfaro and Thomas Coyne. (Botton left) Sheryl Jones, Janet Rose and Felicia Wilson

Silver Recipients: (1 quarter of perfect attendance starting Fall 2012 quarter)

  • Betsy Alfaro
  • Rawan Alwari
  • Jennifer Baker
  • Stacy Conant
  • Thomas Coyne
  • Rebecca Dahlgren
  • Rebecca Hanson
  • Amanda Hatzinger
  • Jeremiah Hegge
  • Julie Jerdee
  • Sheryl Jones
  • Chelsey Larson
  • Jenny Luna
  • Dana Mbengue
  • Mary Meyer
  • Steffany Olaciregui
  • Janet Rose
  • Crystal Shedd
  • Brittany Smith
  • April Wentz
  • Felicia Wilson