Resources at Your Fingertips: Gale Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center Database

by Amy O’Shea, Globe University-Madison West’s Campus Librarian

Also known as Opposing Viewpoint in Context, this database, accessible through the library website, is a great resource for researching different sides of an issue. Hot topics, controversial or ethical issues and current events can be explored from a variety of perspectives with a quick keyword search.
To access this database, head to the library homepage, look for the Resources tab in the upper left, and choose “Databases H-P,” which will lead you to an alphabetical list of databases. From here you can either click on the “O,” or scroll down to the “O” section of the database list. Once here you see the link for Opposing Viewpoints, click on it to enter the database.
Doing a keyword search for your topic is easy; just start typing your search term in the search box on the upper right. I find that keeping search terms simple will bring up the most results. If you get to many search results you can change your search terms to narrow the results. Opposing Viewpoints search assist will help by suggesting topics as you begin to type, similar to the Google search box. I think it is a good idea to see what the search box suggests as the topic you are interested in may be listed under different keywords than the ones you are thinking of or searching.
Gale Opposing ViewpointsWhen a topic page is available your search will take you to that page. Topic pages, also called portal pages, provide you with access to documents and multimedia features related to your topic. When no topic page is available for your search term, a search results page with the results organized by content type will appear. The most current information on your topic will be at the top of the results list. Opposing Viewpoints database contains all full text articles for your research convenience.
Learn every side of the story by searching your controversial topic in the Opposing Viewpoint Resource Center Database. For more information on how to use the Opposing Viewpoints in Context, stop by the library.