Self-Care Massage: How to Revel in Free Therapy

Massage Therapy School

Attendees watch as the Ethics and Business of Massage class presents “Self-Care Through Massage”

Just how does one relieve tension and pain utilizing tennis balls and a tube sock?   That is what students in the Ethics and Business of Massage class set off to answer during their “Self-Care Through Massage” presentation at the Middleton Public Library. The students are enrolled in massage therapy school at Globe University-Madison West.

In preparation of the event, students researched self-care techniques to treat common complaints such as plantar fasciitis, headaches, neck tension, hand and wrist pain. Next, they designed a booklet of the self-care techniques they would be demonstrating which served as a take away for attendees.

The class also developed their own marketing to promote the event. This included designing and distributing flyers, and coordinating the distribution of a press release to radio, newspaper and magazines in the area. 

During the presentation students gave an overview of the benefits of massage and provided general tips on self-massage. For example, they explained that using massage lotion, cream or oils will help create slip on the skin which helps the strokes to be more smooth and fluid. They also pointed out when not to do massage, like when you have a high fever, swelling or inflammation in the body.

The presentation continued as each student demonstrated specific techniques for specific troubled areas such as the head, neck and face. The students made the presentation very hands-on, encouraging attendees to practice the techniques right there while providing assistance and tips.

Massage Therapy School

Margaret Afi Lake demonstrates how to use tennis balls and a sock to relieve shoulder pain during the self-care massage class at the Middleton Public Library.

It was a win-win project as the massage therapy students were able to practice educating the public on how to take care of their bodies, and participants learned a great deal on alleviating pain through self-massage.

Those who attended were very impressed and really appreciated the students’ efforts in presenting this material.

“I thought it was fantastic,” shared attendee Pat Werk. “I thought there was great practical advice that really helped me realize I can do self-care between massage appointments. I found it really helpful in that not only they showed me ways to use my hands to do self-massage but they also gave me exercises I could try to stretch muscles. I felt they went above and beyond by talking about aromatherapy and pressure points. I loved that they put together a brochure to reference. They kept it simple and accessible and made me realize I could do this.”

John Bass, attendee, added, “The session was very nice and informative. The students did a great job in teaching good and proper techniques of self-massage care. These techniques will really help me.”

Students in the massage therapy program really enjoyed the project as they felt they learned so much during the project and enjoyed sharing with others the benefits of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy school

Amy Lang, student in the massage therapy program, demonstrates a neck massage technique on fellow student Ellen Bass.

“Overall, I think it went very well,” said Amy Lang, student in the massage therapy program. “I absolutely do think attendees got something out of tonight’s session. I think people came in knowing some things about massage and I think they’re coming out of it knowing more and realizing what self-care massage can do for their body.”

Massage student Ellen Bass added, “I felt it was really nice to just share what we do and what we can do to help others learn that they can emotionally and physically help themselves through body awareness and massage.  You can take care of yourself and that’s what we strive to do–to help people figure out different ways to do it.”