Straight A’s: These Students Know What it Takes

Straight A’s do not come easily in college; anyone who has achieved this will tell you that. So just what does it take? Kim Sprecker, dean of faculty, along with several Globe University-Madison West instructors, came up with a valuable list that we are certain our Spring 2013 high honors and honors students tapped into.

“We know that making the transition to being in school again can be challenging,” shared Kim. “We wanted to provide assistance to students who may be asking, ‘I’m a student. Now what do I do?’  The faculty wanted a list of practical techniques to share with students who were new to college that taken as a whole would put a student on the path to success, regardless of the program of study.  We based our idea on David Letterman’s Top Ten lists to make it fun and memorable.”

Without further ado…

Top 10 Tips for Success in the College Classroom

10) Attend Every Class:  Showing up on time for class is just as important as showing up on time for your job.

Honors list, Globe University

Top row, from left: Donna Back, Tonya Lou and Denise Henrich. Bottom row, from left: Rhonda Schubloom, Karen Scheffler and Denise Hintz

9) Do All Homework: Plan to spend two to three hours at home on homework for every hour you spend in class. Many instructors do not accept late homework at all, which will sink your grade fast.

8) Read Your Textbooks: If it’s assigned from your books, it is eligible to appear on tests, even if the instructor doesn’t specifically address the material in class.

7) Study For Tests: Find a routine that works for you and stick with it. Start an informal study group in the commons or if you prefer a quiet place, try the silent study room.

6) Know Your Program Chair: After all, they know your program better than anyone else on campus.

5) Engage in Class: Globe students learn by doing, not by sitting every day in boring lectures. Ask questions, participate in discussions as well as activities.

4) Communicate With Your Instructor Outside of Class: Check your email daily and respond quickly. If you disagree about something, your instructor is the place to start.

3) ASC For Help: The Academic Skills Center (ASC) is the place to get free tutoring. Instructors and fellow students are available for group or private tutoring sessions at the ASC.

2) Learn to Use the Library: The library brings the world’s resources to your fingertips. Campus Librarian, Amy O’Shea, can help you find what you are looking for.

1) Own Your Education: College isn’t a spectator sport: you get out what you put in. It’s a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain. Globe University is training you for a job. Your instructors are your personal trainers. Do what your instructor says to bulk up your mental muscles so you can get the career you want.

We want to congratulate the following Globe University-Madison West students who earned high honors and honors during the Spring 2013 quarter. It takes dedication, attitude, time management, and a strong desire to succeed in order to earn these grades!

High Honors (4.0 Term GPA)

Brendon Albrecht
Rawan Alwari
Britta Aulwes
Anna Bartelme
Lacey Bartosik
Boualai Braun
Kendra Clark
Thomas Coyne
Kristian DiPersio
Patrina Dohm
Jamie Fries
Rachel Hamilton
Amanda Hatzinger
Jeremiah Hegge
Bruce Hennings
Denise Henrich
Denise Hintz
Sheryl Jones
BrandeNycole Kuelz
Cheri Lane
Chelsey Larson
Andrew Lockman
Jenny Luna
Kelly McManus
David McNier
Jennifer Merrill
Mary Meyer
Steffany Olaciregui
Lindsey Parks
Miranda Peterson
Megan Peterson
Rebecca Phillips
Todd Rasmussen
Janet Rose
Jessica Rust
Saralyn Santoyo
Karen Scheffler
Marcus Schiel
Jasmine Schoonover
Rhonda Schubloom
Gloria Smith
Marquis Stearn
Emily Terbilcox
Holly Voight
April Wentz
Danielle Zander
Paula Zenz
Kevin Ziegler

Honors (3.99-3.5 Term GPA)

Consuelo Arboleda
Diane Baillargeon
Julie Blackard
Rebekah Brandt
Sharon Dahlke
Tammy De La Rosa
Karla Dean
Brenda Ewing
Stephanie Felts
Rebecca Hahn
Colleen Hanson
Rachel Harder
Katlyn Hills
Jill Howard
Julie Jerdee
Julie Kopp
Katie Kutz
Veronica Ledezma
Pearl Lee
Tonya Lou
Scott Miller
Jennifer Moen
Megan Mojica
David Moore
Katrina Moore
Kayle Nieuwenhuis
Maia Novotnak
Eric Olds
Kathryn Olsen
Carley Reisen
Amanda Soto-Wadel
Troy Sprecker
Nicole Whitfield
Christie Williams
Felicia Wilson
Amy Yngsdal