The 3 Simple Strategies for Success Are…

Krystal Williams-Oby

Keynote Speaker, Attorney Krystal Williams-Oby

Graduates and guests at the Spring 2012 Globe University-Madison graduation ceremony at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center were treated to a great motivational keynote speech by Attorney Krystal Williams-Oby. This was Krystal’s second time speaking to Globe University graduates and that night, she inspired, motivated and reached the crowd with great enthusiasm, strength and spunk.

In her speech, Krystal set out to challenge college graduates telling them to go beyond their current academic achievements and continue on the path to lifelong learning.

“Success can only be defined for you, by you. No one else can determine what success is for you. Yes you have your degree, but I want to challenge you to further. There’s more to life than what you’ve obtained today. You should never stop learning, earning and achieving your goals that are deep down inside of you.” She declared. “Success really is relative; it is what you say it is for you. Success is not an event, so it doesn’t stop here. It is not you obtaining your degree. Tonight is the first step of the next phase of your life. Success is not an event, it is a journey; taking one step after another to achieve a specific goal.”

Krystal continued to share the 3 simple strategies in becoming successful in your own right and used a mountain climber as an analogy.

So what are the three simple strategies in becoming successful in your own right? Watch and learn.


Share with us what you think. Did it move you? Motivate you to go further? What is your definition of being successful in your own right? We want to hear about it!

More about Krystal Williams-Oby:
With over 18– years of legal experience, Krystal’s professional career includes serving as Assistant Attorney General for the Wisconsin Department of Justice; former Partner at the law firm of Reynolds, Herrick & Kasdorf; and Staff Attorney for Legal Action of Wisconsin. She also serves as Associate Pastor of Northside Christian Assembly Church where she oversees Discipleship Training and Church Administration.

Krystal received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin Law School. She is the recipient of the African-American & Black business Association’s Attorney of the Year Award (2007) and the Alliance Defense Fund’s National Litigation Academy Honor Corps Pro-Bono Service Award (2006). She is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Western and Eastern Districts of Wisconsin.