The Honor Roll: Two Reflections, 62 Reasons to Celebrate

With another successful quarter behind us, Globe University-Madison West recognizes the following students who went above and beyond to achieve high honors and honors status for the Fall 2013 quarter.

Achieving honors is more than just your name on a list. When added to your resume, it could make the difference in getting that interview and landing a job in your chosen career. Using it as a talking point during an interview is invaluable as Vic Wipperfurth, dean of students, explains.

“Landing on the honor roll is something that can be a great talking point on your cover letter or backstory in your interview,” Vic shared. “A student is able to state all the commitments he or she has that isn’t just school related while showing that they can earn honors in their classes.” 

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Kaylee Nieuwenhuis is just one of many who have worked hard to earn honors

“To achieve honors means a great deal to me,” shared Kaylee Nieuwenhuis, student in the medical assistant program. “I study and work very hard on my education and to see my name on the honor roll list gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Other than my grades, it is a visual validation of my successes. I am very proud of my honor status and know that my family is too!”


High Honors (4.0)

  •          Felicia Baccam
  •          Lacey Bartosik
  •          Breana Condon
  •          Tammy De La Rosa
  •          Amber De Lap
  •          Patrina Dohm
  •          Stephanie Felts
  •          Stephanie Gradel
  •          Bruce Hennings
  •          Stacey Hoon
  •          Sheryl Jones
  •          Amber Kitzman
  •          Leah Kuban
  •          Deborah Laplante
  •          Chelsey Larson
  •          Andrew Lockman
  •          Jenny Luna
  •          Jennifer Merrill
  •          Eric Olds
  •          Troy Sprecker
  •          Anna Thompson
  •          Matthew Tolbert
  •          Tanya Walters
  •          April Wentz
  •          Danielle Zander


Honors (3.5-3.99)

  •          Consuelo Arboleda
  •          Britta Aulwes
  •          Diane Baillargeon
  •          Julie Blackard
  •          Ashleigh Buenning
  •          Kenia Calderson Cruz
  •          Katrina Chandler
  •          Amanda Cross
  •          Todd Grauvogl
  •          Colleen Hanson
  •          Jeremiah Hegge
  •          Jill Howard
  •          Brittani Jacoboski
  •          Amanda Kienast
  •          Julie Kopp
  •          BrandeNycole Kuelz
  •          Amber Ledbetter
  •          Monique Lemon
  •          Rosa Martinez
  •          Rebecca McCullick
  •          Vicki Meier
  •          Johnathon Michler
  •          Scott Miller
  •          Megan Mojica
  •          Kayle Nieuwenhuis
  •          Lindsay North
  •          Maia Novonak
  •          Steffany Olaciregui
  •          Crystal Shedd
  •          Ariel Sigg
  •          Leah Soeby
  •          Alex Spurley
  •          Marquis Stearn
  •          Scarlet Swenson-Nonwonty
  •          Jeffery Woroch
  •          Kevin Ziegler
  •          Jill Zoellick