Top 5 Reasons the Capstone Class Will Be Legendary

Change is in the air at Globe University-Madison West.  A new quarter means a new opportunity for students to raise the bar for their last class of the Globe University experience. This summer quarter, our Career Capstone course at Globe-Madison West will be taught by a dynamic duo: Natalie Busse, career services coordinator, and Erica Healey, instructor and Globe alumna.

After months of collaboration, they’ve hit upon a winning formula for students.  We’re happy to present the top 5 reasons you are going to want to be in their class:

#5 Interviews – FAST FORWARD TO 2014!

We aren’t stuck back in the 1950s. Interview options have become dynamic and technologically diverse. And, we intend to get our students out there to prepare. Students will be practicing multiple interview techniques in different settings. Natalie is taking the lead in setting up practice interviews with students before we send them to off-site, telephone, and video-taped options with real employers!   

Career Services

Three cheers for Career Capstone! (from left) Erica Healey, instructor, Christie Williams, business administration student, Jasmine Schoonover, medical assistant student and Natalie Busse, career services coordinator.

#4 Online Presence – BE THERE!

You’ve got to put yourself out there in ways your parents never did. We realize this! We’re going to lead you through the ins and outs of LinkedIn and help you clean up your Facebook and other online potential pitfalls.

#3 Job Search – NOT A VACUUM!

Nobody works in a vacuum. Teamwork is the name of the game in landing your ideal next job. Not only do you want a team of professionals on your side, your network can help you too. In class, everyone will spend time brainstorming ideas to help other students improve their resumes, networks, and job search strategy. We’ll help you learn how!

#2 Elevator Speeches – LEARN TO SPEAK UP!

Ask and you shall receive. Too many students miss opportunities because they don’t know when or how to speak up. We’re going to train you to put yourself forward, even in the most confining of situations. People can and do land a job after making a great first impression. All it takes is confidence and practice, and we can help you to develop both.

#1 Networking – EVERYWHERE!

The importance of networking has been talked about ad nauseam. It is time for some action! Erica has been lining up speakers (and potential employers) for her Career Capstone and Supervisory Management classes. So far, she’s found that the ladies on her soccer team actually do have lives outside of Monday Night Soccer. One is the head of HR for a major state agency and will be coming to class in July.

In addition, a recent three-hour visit to the Zimbrick Honda repair shop on Fish Hatchery Road led Erica to another connection!  She took the time to inquire if the General Manager in charge of the Sales, Maintenance, and Customer Service departments would be interested in speaking at her Wednesday night Supervisory Management class, which just happens to coincide with Natalie’s Career Capstone class. We plan to cross-network for both classes in order to combine our efforts in getting students the best exposure to potential employers.    

There you have it. Students currently enrolled: are you pumped? Students who delayed taking this class, march right down and add this class to your current summer schedule if you qualify because you don’t want to miss out!

This blog post was written by Erica Healey, instructor at Globe University-Madison West. Erica earned her bachelor’s in Political Science & History from UNC-Chapel Hill and her Juris Doctor from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is also a Globe University alumna—she recently earned her associate in Managerial Accounting.