What Drives You? 5 Honor Students Share Their Thoughts

What does achieving honors or high honors in college mean to you?  What do you do to achieve this goal?

That is what we asked students at Globe University-Madison West who earned High Honors and Honors during the Winter 2013 quarter.

High Honors

High Honors Winter Graduates (from left) Lori Hartung, Erica Healey and Kyra Werk Pribbenow

“Study hard and make the best use of your time that you have and tap into the resources available at Globe to be successful,” shared Eric Olds, student in the massage therapy program.

Danielle Zander, a veterinary technology student, said, “I’m in a field that captures my attention and I have a job at a vet clinic so I can relate back to it while I’m at work and if I have any questions, my work can help answer them. Getting out in your field and getting your foot in the door helps a lot, at least for me.”

Todd Grauvogl is a student in the health fitness specialist program. He said, “It’s quite simple: show up for class every day and study. Get your homework done. If you are able to change your work schedule so it could accommodate your school schedule, that will help you focus on school. Scheduling your classes so you can be at school when you need to works. If you are passionate about what you are doing and why you are here, it shouldn’t be that difficult to follow up on it.”

Karla Dean, medical assistant program student, added, “What motivates me is that I want to have a good job in my field.”

Honor Roll

Honor Winter 2013 Graduates (from top left) Janel Adler, Shelly Carpenter, Tracy Cooper Wentz, and Mark Diebel. (From bottom left) Kaylee Hanson, Sunshine McGranahan, Stevie Vordermann and Breanna Zabel

“I want to show my kids that it can be done,” said Paula Zenz, medical assistant student. “I show them my A’s and tell them ‘You see what your mom does; you see what work I do. That’s how you learn.’ Setting an example for my kids motivates me.”

We want to congratulate the following Globe University-Madison West students who have achieved Honors and High Honors during the Winter 2013 quarter.



Janel Adler
Marisa Albis
Consuelo Arboleda
Donna Back
Diane Baillargeon
Jennifer Baker
Julie Blackard
Rebekah Brandt
Laurie Anne Caamal
Shelly Carpenter
Katrina Chandler
Stefanie Crawford
Sharon Dahlke
Mark Diebel
Angela Doskocil
Amanda Ernstmeyer
Cassie Fry
David Gonzalez
Daniel Gotautis
Colleen Hanson
Kaylee Hanson
Denise Henrich
Denise Hintz
Jill Howard
Lilia Imatdinova
Julie Jerdee
Sheryl Jones
Julie Kopp
Jeanette Koscuik
Amber Ledbetter
Pearl Lee
Diane Leffler
Tonya Lou
Sunshine McGranahan
Kelly McManus
Jennifer Merrill
Mary Meyer
Scott Miller
Jennifer Moen
Sean Murray
Kayle Nieuwenhuis
Megan Peterson
Rebecca Phillips
Spencer Porter
Rebecca Rajchel
Carley Reisen
Nicole Ringelstetter
Cadie Roberts
Sheila Robson
Angela Ruskowsky
Adam Salmon
Thomas Salmon
Saralyn Santoyo
Maruc Schiel
Rhonda Schubloom
Crystal Shedd
Morgan Sims
Amanda Soto-Wadel
Korey Stafford
Kayla VanHaaster
Stevie Vordermann
Tracy Wentz
Nicole Whitfield
Alexandra Wilson
Felicia Wilson
Jeffrey Woroch
Breanna Zabel
Paula Zenz
Kevin Ziegler

High Honors:

Britta Aulwes
Madonna Bigelow
Rebecca Dahlgren
Karla Dean
Patrina Dohm
Joshua Elarde
Stephanie Felts
Todd Grauvogl
Lori Hartung
Erica Healey
Jeremiah Hegge
BrandeNycole Kuelz
Chelsey Larson
Tanya Lewis
Andrew Lockman
Jenny Luna
Steffany Olaciregui
Eric Olds
Mark Richardson
Janet Rose
Karen Scheffler
Troy Sprecker
Heather Thorson
James Von Dundas
April Wentz
Kara Werk
Danielle Zander