What Not to Put on Your Resume: Alumni Learn Valuable Tips through Event

How solid is your resume? How confident are you with networking? Recently, Globe University-Madison West Spring 2014 graduates and fellow alumni were joined by faculty and staff on campus to learn about latest job searching trends, engage in valuable discussions and connect with each other.

Globe University Alumni

Veterinary technology alumni Cristina Carpentier and Colleen Hanson chat with Natalie Busse, career services coordinator

The event, called Alumni Alliance, provided an opportunity for the campus to build a strong alumni community and begin to integrate upcoming graduates into it. The event was the brainchild of Melissa Simon and Natalie Busse, from the career services team, whose goal was to facilitate a fun event and exchange knowledge in today’s job hunt with those who is experiencing it now—our alumni.

“Alumni are an incredible resource to one another and can provide support, connections, advice and encouragement,”  said Melissa Simon, director of career services.

Mo Afshar

Mo Afshar

After a nice meal and networking time, Melissa introduced Mo Afshar, senior talent management consultant from Career Momentum, Inc. as the guest speaker for the evening.

“Mo Afshar was specifically invited to join us due to the effectiveness he has had on our students as a guest speaker in Career Capstone,” said Melissa. “Mo works daily with executive level clients to assist in their job search, and we feel very fortunate he is willing to share his expertise and knowledge with our students and alumni.”

“What does a resume do?” Mo asked. “It serves as your marketing sales piece. Since the recession of 2008, a lot of people have lost their jobs and companies have not hired at the levels as they used to. This also allowed companies to become pickier about finding the right talent. Resumes are now one of many things that can come into play for landing a job.”

Globe University Alumni Alliance

Alumni, faculty and staff networking.

Mo shared many tips on what makes a strong resume. This included the debate on whether or not to add an objective. In the past, your objective was essential. It laid out what one wanted to do vocation wise.

“Our philosophy is that (the objective) is old school, and it’s not even accepted by today’s employers,” said Mo.  “Employers want to know who you are and what value will you bring to their company in the way of skills, experience, education, relevant experience and any specialized knowledge. Instead of an objective, use that top paragraph as the gateway to sell yourself.”

The feedback overall received from the graduates and alumni was extremely positive, particularly with Mo’s informative speech.

“One tip I’ll remember is if you get an unfamiliar number calling you, don’t answer it, as it may be a business calling you about a job position,” said Jessie Salinas, future information technology graduate. “Instead, wait for them to leave voicemail, listen to the voicemail, prepare what you want to say, and then call back.”

“I learned a few common mistakes,” said Ashleigh Buenning, upcoming graduate in the paralegal program. “I found (the part about) how to talk about salary requirements when they ask you in the interview very useful. I really enjoyed attending this event since I’m graduating soon.”

“I had a great time. I got to meet new people, and I really liked the presenter. I learned a lot from him,”  said Jennifer Baker, who is set to graduate soon from the healthcare management program.