5 Benefits of Infant Massage

Do you know that there are countless advantages to infant massage? Students in the Pregnancy and Special Populations Massage class at Globe University-Appleton recently studied these advantages and tested them out on some willing participants—babies! Here are just some of the ways that the massage therapy students in this class, led by instructor and Certified Massage Therapist Wendy Wettengel, were able to help the infants while practicing this specific type of massage this quarter.

infant massage

A Globe University massage therapy student practices infant massage on one smiling participant!

It’s Relaxing!

Infant massage has calming, soothing effects on your baby. The massage will allow them to relax as they endure their first few months outside the womb.

Promotes Good Sleep Habits

Every parent wishes for more sleep! Infant massage is a great way to promote healthy sleeping patterns. A massage at the same time every night might greatly increase calming tones during a bedtime routine.

Boosts the Immune System

infant massage

Globe University students learn that massage can promote good health in even the smallest of clients.

Not only can infant massage help boost the immune system, it can also help alleviate teething pain, promote digestion, improve blood circulation and help with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Provides Emotional Support for Parents

Infant massage can help put parents at ease. Knowing that they are promoting the positive health of their child, parents can become more in tune with their child’s body to help them remain relaxed and pain-free.  

It is fun!

Infant massage is a great experience for both parent and baby. The baby feels relaxed and calm while the parent tends to baby’s needs. Infant massage is also a great way for baby and parent to bond.