5 Reasons the Geriatric Population Should be Receiving Massage Therapy

As people age our bodies become more fragile, we slow down and sometimes it takes a little bit longer for us to find the right words.  This is an inevitable part of aging, however with a little massage therapy some or all of these issues may improve.

Research has proven that over time massage can improve many issues related to aging.  Check out these top 5 benefits to recieving Geriatric massage.

  1. Helps improve circulation
  2. Relieves muscle tension and pain
  3. Can boost the immune system
  4. Relieves anxiety
  5. May help improve memory

These are just a few of the benefits of massage and there may be many more benefits depending on the individual’s specific situation.  The need for massage and bodywork therapists that specialize in Geriatric massage is growing in check with the Geriatric population.  It would be wise for massage therapists to consider this when chosing a career path within the massage therapy industry.