5 ways to know if your massage therapist is a professional

Have you ever received a massage and gone home feeling very unsatisfied with your treatment?  Unfortunately, the public doesn’t always know what is expected from a professional massage.  They may not know what to expect and leave thinking they may never get a massage again.  Below I have listed 5 ways to be sure you are receiving a massage from a professional.

1. The massage therapist had you fill out a health in-take form

  • The therapist gave you a form to fill out that asked for your medical history
  • The form asked detailed questions
  • The form stated that the massage therapy was not a replacement for other medical care

2. The massage therapist discussed your answers to the in-take form, before the massage.

  • Therapist asked you questions about your medical history
  • Therapist asked if you had ever received a massage or body work before
  • Therapist asked what physical issues were bothering you today

3. The massage therapist explained the type of body work you would be receiving

  • Therapist told you the type of pressure they would be using
  • Therapist explained what techniques they would be using
  • Therapist asked if there were any areas that you wanted them to avoid or use less pressure

4. The massage therapist told you that they welcome your input before, during and after the treatment

  • Therapist told you the client’s needs are number one, if you aren’t happy they will change their approach
  • Therapist asked you how you felt after the massage treatment and if there is anything you would have liked them to do differently
  • Therapist checked in with you during the massage to be sure you were comfortable and your massage therapy needs were being met

5. The massage therapist followed up with you a few days after the massage

  • The therapist told you they would be calling or emailing you in a  few days to check in
  • The therapist was open to your suggestions when they contacted you
  • The therapist sent you a thank you card

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Blog Post By:  Maria Leonard, MBA, MT, Reiki Master – Network Dean of Massage Therapy for Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/Broadview University