5 Tips for a Successful Quarter

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint?” Jana Knapp, who teaches massage therapy classes at Globe University, believes it is true. As an avid and successful runner, Jana has offered five tips for running and a successful spring quarter!

1.  One Foot in Front of the Other

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Tutor Michael Bolton in the Learning Curve

Starting school or setting the goal of running a marathon (26.2 miles!) can feel overwhelming.  Jana suggests starting slow.

“One mile at a time, one foot in front of the other,” she shared. “When I set out to do a long run, I never try to think of it as a whole. Instead, I break it up,” she said. “I ran 14 miles last Saturday morning. That really did sound impossible at one time.”

The mindset of putting one foot in front of the other also works well for students as they dive into a new quarter. Robert Pitel, a mathematics instructor and tutor at the Learning Curve, agrees, “In the Learning Curve, students can be helped with problems step by step. They can get a review of material that they did not understand during class.”

2. Support

Jana credits her support system of family and friends, as well as her training, to help get mentally and physically ready for a race.

“Thinking about crossing the finish line and having my children see it, those are some of the most cherished moments I have. My family also helps me so I am able to take the time to run,” Jana said.

Globe University offers their students support in numerous ways. One area of support is the Learning Curve on campus. Tutor Robert Pitel recommends that students seek help as soon as possible.

“Don’t procrastinate.  If you do not understand something, get help right away,” Pitel said.

Fellow students also make good support systems. Tracy Arevalo, a vet tech student who has earned high honors, suggests turning to classmates.

“If I ever had a hard time understanding anything, I always talked to a classmate,” she shared. “We sometimes went to each others’ homes to problem solve together.”

3. Train

Jana also knows that to succeed in her goal, she must put in the time and effort.

“Training is completely vital to competing at your prime level,” Jana noted.  “I have competed in races where I have not trained sufficiently, and it has really been a struggle. The races I have prepared for the most have been my most successful.”

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Vet tech students preparing for class

Preparation and training for classes requires mental energy and fitness. Pearl Havlick, an instructor in the medical assistant program, has some tips to train your brain.

“The biggest and most important thing I want students to think about as we go through the term is attention to detail,” she said. “Review your notes before and after class, and if you don’t remember something or need clarification, ask!”

4. Challenge Yourself

As if running marathons weren’t enough, Jana continues to challenge herself by trying different types of races. Most recently she completed an indoor triathlon, which includes running, biking and swimming.

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Chief Trotnic instructing criminal justice students

“I had never swam laps in my life before the triathlon! I seriously could not swim, but I remembered that at one time I couldn’t run,” Jana recalled. “That is when I decided that it was about your mind frame. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to!” she exclaimed.

Jana’s next challenge is running a full marathon in July.

Keep challenging yourself as a student throughout the quarter. You can initiate challenges for yourself by taking a class or trying a new method of studying.

Student Tracy Arevalo suggests, “Always come to class, and find an interest in each task or assignment.”

5. Accomplishment

Don’t forget to celebrate your victories along the way.

“I love having a goal and achieving it. The feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding to me,” Jana said. The success of reaching one goal will encourage you to set another. “The feeling of success I get is what motivates me to sign up for my next race!” she exclaimed.

Take pride in your accomplishments. A good test grade or an “A” on your midterm paper deserves to be celebrated. Remind yourself that each assignment is just one more step in the race toward the ultimate goal of your degree and future career!