5 Tips for Success in the Massage Therapy Industry

massage therapy training
Kari Stender attended Globe University-Eau Claire’s massage therapy training, taught classes at Globe University, and as owner of DaVinci Therapeutic  Massage, employs four Globe University-Eau Claire massage therapy graduates. She knows the industry!

Kari has been active in  massage therapy for 19 years and has successfully run her own business for 2 1/2 years. To what does she owe her success?

Kari’s 5 tips for success in the massage therapy industry:

1. Passion! Passion! Passion! Passion for what you do! (Can you sense this is important?) If you don’t have passion you won’t succeed. This is not just learning a technique or a trade. You must have passion for the work and the people you encounter.

2. Networking! Get out and make connections! Kari suggests that the more people “you get your hands on” the more your clientele will grow. Get out and do health fairs, chair massage, and as you meet people educate them on the benefits of massage as you network. Let them know how massage helps without synthetic and pharmaceutical drugs.  Kari states that those are “bandaids”, a quick fix that won’t get to the root of the problem.  Let people know that massage therapy has health benefits. It is not just a pampering service.

3. Know your trade! You must know more than massage techniques. You must also give accurate postural assessments and tailor a variety of techniques into a session with a client to meet their needs. You need to know which techniques are your strength but you need to have multiple techniques at your fingertips.

4. Body mechanics!  You can burn out really quickly if you don’t have good body mechanics while working on a client.  Kari calls body mechanics “the silent killer” of massage therapists.  Lower back and wrist injuries are common to therapists without good body mechanics.

5. Be true to yourself!  Write down your goals and follow through with them.  A lot of people “settle” when you shouldn’t.  According to Kari, massage therapy is not a “limited” industry. A therapist could find interests in training, products, teaching, medical therapy, rehab, the spa industry, or business.

massage therapy trainingKari is not only passionate about massage but also about her experience at Globe University. She has experienced the excellent Massage Therapy program offered there. She speaks highly of the broad range of techniques taught at Globe University that you don’t get in other programs including energy work, medical and spa aspects, as well as business. Kari also speaks highly of the life-long career services offered at the campus that helps you find a career in the area.

Kari closes with a favorite quote from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said…but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Massage therapy. For Kari it’s a passion!