5 Types of Money-related Stress and How to Manage That Stress

Don’t let money matters stress you out.

Some of the most difficult stress a person can deal with revolves around money issues. Included below is a list of five money-related stresses you may encounter. I am sure most of us have encountered at least one of these in our lives:

  1. Wedding
  2. Funeral
  3. Birth of a child
  4. Job loss
  5. Divorce

There are many things we can do to help alleviate stress and below are some suggestions for you to try.

  • Enjoy a favorite pastime – helps you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • Exercise – increases endorphins and creates a feeling of well-being
  • Get a massage or body work – increases endorphins, improves the immune system, helps with sore muscles
  • Help someone else who may be experiencing similar stresses – this takes your mind off your own problems and helps put things in perspective
  • Spend time with your loved ones – in the end, this is what really matters

Just remember that stress can manifest into emotional and physical problems. If you find yourself feeling depressed for long periods of time, are experiencing chronic physical pain or are suffering from insomnia be sure to contact your medical doctor.

If there is one thing we can be sure of in life, it is that at the end of the day, the things that matter the most are the simple joys in life – and they don’t cost anything! 
Be Happy, Be Kind, Be Healthy!